What's the culture like in Memphis?

When you’re looking for a place to call home, you probably want a destination that’s not only unique but presents you with a number of activities and events that pull from varying walks of life. You don’t just want the same old restaurants or the same old festivals. You want something that will introduce you to a new way of thinking or a new kind of food to sample. In Memphis, you get all of that in spades. Memphis culture is unlike anywhere else in the country, so now is the time to get out and explore what the city has to offer.


Music is as ingrained in Memphis culture as just about anything else. Blues is part of the fiber of Memphis, and yet rock ’n’ roll, country, jazz and just about every other form of music also beats through the city’s lifeblood. Whether you’re a fan of Elvis, B.B. King or even Justin Timberlake, you’ll be interested to know that some of the biggest names in music history spent time in Memphis, were born in Memphis or recorded influential albums in Memphis.

Walking down the street, you’ll always feel the music. Just about every bar, club, restaurant and other nighttime destinations have some kind of live music going on. From local musicians to traveling acts, there’s no shortage of musical activities to take in.

Amazing Food

Memphis is one of the great food scenes in the country. Yes, it is best known for its Memphis-style barbecue, but there’s so much more to discover. As the melting point of the North and the South, you’ll find everything from fried chicken and waffles to Chicago-style pizza. Each restaurant has its own unique take on varying styles, and while the city might not be as big as Los Angeles or New York, you’ll find nearly just as many food opportunities. Many of these food destinations came from people’s love of working with food and their own personal background. It is this personal background and connection with food that makes Memphis what it is.

Get Outside and Experience Memphis

Memphis is all about getting people outside to enjoy life. From the Delta Fair to music festivals, there is something going on outside just about every single weekend of the year.

There’s a Cultural Event Perfect for You in Memphis

The beauty of Memphis culture is that it’s always changing. The makeup of the city now will be different 10 years down the road. While Memphis will always pull from its music, food and civil rights heritage, there are new faces, new ways of life and new ideas constantly flooding in. So if you’re looking for a destination to call home that will both surprise you and keep you on your toes, there really is no other place in the country like Memphis.

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