#TheRona has made it to Memphis and Shelby County which has caused for thousands of people to work from home, cancel social gatherings and events in an attempt to #FlattenTheCurve by social distancing and self-isolating themselves in their homes. We’re not sure when this tide will subside. However, we can get over this hump together if we all play our part. 

For some of us, we’ve been waiting for the day we all could stay home and avoid social contact with other human beings (Hi Capricorns). For the rest of us, this may be a tough inconvenience for the average extrovert and social butterfly. While this is a hard feat, SIT DOWN AND STAY IN THE HOUSE!  

If you’re missing the Memphis life and bustle, here’s some things you can do in self-quarantine to keep the grit and grind going even in your house:

1. Binge Watch Bluff Law on Hulu and Uncorked on Netflix 

Bluff City Law is a legal drama set and filmed in Memphis starring Hollywood star, Jimmy Smitts. While the show is not currently being filmed, producers and stakeholders have moved it to Hulu to hopefully gain more traction before committing to film more episodes. Uncorked, a movie on Netflix, was also filmed in Memphis and tells the story of the emergence of a family booze business starring legends like Niecy Nash and Courtney B. Vance. We need Memphis to grow as an entertainment space for future projects so crawl in the bed with some quarantine snacks and get to binging. 

2. Download Duolingo, or a similar app, and teach yourself a foreign language. 

¿Has estado esperando aprender un nuevo idioma? Since #TheRona has removed about 95 percent of your distractions and excuses, take the time to learn a new language using the Duolingo app. Maybe if you learn a foreign language now you’ll be able to roll down Summer Ave when we get out of quarantine. You never know. Maybe you’ll be approached by someone who only speaks Spanish and needs directions to the FedEx Forum. Or maybe you’re planning to take a trip later in the year (hopefully) to Paris. Time to brush up on that French. Now is the time. 

3. Stream TedX Memphis Presentations

It’s important now more than ever that you overshadow your anxiety with motivation and inspiration. Keeping an encouraging perspective during this time can help weather this unpredictable storm. TedX Memphis is pretty much a one-stop-shop for empowering videos of Memphians from different sectors and arenas giving groundbreaking messages that will push you to the next level. From education leaders to politicians to music producers. Some of our favorites are from Archie Moss and Chloe Hakim-Moore.

4. Read “Beale Street Dynasty”

Well, you may not be able to walk on Beale Street right now, but you can read about how it came to be with Beale Street Dynasty. More than a story about the legendary street, it’s a nonfiction narrative of Robert R. Church, the first African American man to become a millionaire of the South. It reveals the history of Memphis through class, race and economics and may even answer some questions you have about our current political system. You know what they say, “You can’t know where you’re going unless you know where you’ve been.” Besides, your allergies are acting up anyway. Stay home and pick up this must-read that every Memphian should have.

5. Support Local Restaurants and Drivers

#TheRona picked the wrong time to make you sit down and try to cook anything. Let’s face it. You haven’t cooked since you discovered Crazy Noodle and Chef Tam’s. We get it, and we’re here to support each other through such perilous times.

Right now, some of our favorite restaurants are taking a nasty hit due to the pandemic keeping folks in the house and doubling down on health and safety. Well, you can help. First, order in. Plan a nice dinner for you, bae and the kids and order from one of many of the local spots offering delivery and take-out. UberEats is also delivering with a $0 delivery fee, but please tip your drivers. The hustle doesn’t stop for many people so if you can afford to order-out, please generously tip and support your drivers and the businesses from where they’re grabbing your food. Also, consider donating to your favorite restaurant to give them a financial boost of support. 

6.  Wash Your Hands … your favorite Memphis song!

There’s plenty of time now to catch up on some underground Memphis artists right now. Folks like Cochi$e and 10k. Check out the Memphis playlist on spotify or build your own. While you’re washing your hands fiftyleven times per day, let the tracks spin!  

7. Donate. Donate. Donate

Many nonprofits are also taking a hit during this time. Consider donating to spaces that can’t close their doors right now. Here’s a list of good places to start:

  •          Mid-South Food Bank
  •          Community Foundation of Greater Memphis
  •          Memphis Rox Climbing
  •          Ronald McDonald House Charities
  •          Agape
  •          SCS COVID-19 Relief Fund

8. Learn How to Make a Proper Smoked Sausage

Listen, some of us have been living in Memphis for far too long. You’ve been around long enough to know that a Memphis staple is the smoked sausage, belovedly called the Circle B. It’s time to grow up. The summer is vastly approaching. You don’t want to be at the cookout, get thrown on the grill and not know how to properly prepare the Circle B. Check out the video below and stop hustling backwards.

9. Take a free, online workout session from Ambishun Fitness

Ambishun Fitness is a pretty popular trainer and gym here in the city. Since so many gyms are closing and clients are stuck at home, he’s offered a free class on Instagram Live. You’ll be sure to sweat right in the comfort of your home and keep up with your workout regime. Fight the homebody laziness. Grab some friends on zoom and make it a party.  

We know this can be a trying time sitting in the house all day. Also take some time outside and go for short walks or play with your kids in the backyard. Let us know what you’ve been doing to stay busy, productive and entertained during the quarantine. We can get through this if we work together and help each other. 

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