Top 10 Memphis Moments You Can Use to Complete the 2020 Census

By, Carlissa Shaw

But seriously, stop playing and complete your 2020 US Census. Over the last several months, I have heard several people say that they are not filling out the 2020 Census because “they do not want the government in their business.” Reality check, the moment the government printed you a social security number, the government was in YO business.

The United States Census Bureau has been around since 1790 with not one huge scandal or hoax. It simply allows the government to have a complete and accurate count of every person living in the United States, regardless of age, citizenship status, or where they live. Census data is used to allocate critical resources like public benefits, fire trucks, road repairs, and hospitals. Census data is also immensely helpful for genealogical family history purposes. Just think about it, 150 years from now, your great-great-great grandchild will look for these records to know a little more about their history. 

Oh, and I forgot to mention – IT ONLY TAKES FIVE MINUTES!

Now that we have discussed why you should complete the 2020 Census, let’s discuss the “when”: 

Top 10 Memphis Moments You Can Use to Complete the 2020 Census

10. While you are dipping your Jack Pirtle’s biscuit in the gravy. 

9. While you are waiting 45 minutes for Wing Guru’s 10-piece honey gold whole wing combo. In the end, both were worth it.

8. While you are doing yoga at Overton Park, your grandma’s backyard, or wherever has the least Memphis mosquitoes.

7. While you are home listening to the This Is Memphis Hip-Hop playlist wishing you were at the club. No bottle service, but at least you’re counted for.

6. While you are reflecting on 2020 B.C. (Before Covid) at MLK Reflection Park. 

5. While you are standing in line at Jerry’s Sno Cones. And also, while you sit in the parking lot eating your Supreme with Cream.

4. While you ride the trolley Downtown. That $1 can now get you from Uptown to South Main, AND you get you counted.

3. While you watch a movie at the Drive-in movies. These days, it takes about 10 minutes for movies to start anyway.

2.  While you are renting a canoe or bike at Shelby Farms to get in shape. Emphasis on YOU, because the Census gon’ take whatever body I give them.

1. After you reschedule your vacation for the 2nd time because we all thought the pandemic would be over by the fourth of July.  I stopped by the Memphis Airport the other day just to make sure I remembered where it was located.

The Census only has ten questions and only takes about five minutes to fill out. Stop what you are doing wherever you are in Memphis and go to to complete your Census. 

Oh and if you see the Census workers at the door, open it. They can see you peeking out of the blinds. 

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