Memphis has the uncommon distinction of being both an historic city (it’s 200 years old, to be specific!) and a city brimming with future possibility. When you think of Memphis, think of innovation, straight-up soul, adventure and creativity. After all, Memphis has had a culture all its own for over two centuries.

From this core set of founding values, Memphis continues to grow, and our citizens push the city to embrace change. We give more, we hope more and we believe.

What’s more, we are energetic, and our action-driven nature spurs our city’s growth. So, what lies ahead for this beautiful and historic part of the country?

Downtown development

Did you know Memphis is one of the few cities across America with its development schedule almost fully booked? Just take a stroll downtown and you’ll see old structures being flipped into new ones, pedestrian projects in full swing and much more.

In fact, the downtown area is already home to more than $1 billion worth of new construction, and the projects you see today are worth another $426 million. And did we mention the $2.5-billion structures of the future that are still in the development planning stages?

The people

Despite its large population, Memphis is one of those cities that simply feels like home. Memphians are connected on a much deeper level than simply living in the same location—we share goals, dreams and a vision for the city, supporting each other and working to build an environment in which everyone can thrive.

This type of environment touches government agencies, multinational companies, independent startups, nonprofits and beyond. When you visit Memphis, it’s impossible to deny the authentic, warm and open spirit of the people that gives —and the soul of the city is what moves Memphis forward.

The economic environment

From entrepreneurs to research scientists, all kinds of people move to Memphis. Our culture of creativity and ability to think outside the box combine with a supportive environment to create an economic environment that is one of a kind.

The culture

When was the last time you visited a city with such a deep culture? A sense of identity that residents ascribe to? A way of life and a common set of values that locals feel proud to be associated with?

Indeed, the culture of Memphis is vibrant and conspicuous—it stands out not just in the country, but in the whole world. The unique spark in the air around Memphis is what makes our city truly unstoppable and gives it a bright future.

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