When you think of Memphis, your mind probably goes to soul, beauty, remarkable culture, music, American history and incredibly diverse cuisine. While it’s a historic city that’s over 200 years old, Memphis is also a modern and thriving urban hub, with an abundance of new technology, entrepreneurial growth and creative energy. Indeed, Memphis has much to offer everyone, from lifelong residents to visitors who come to take in the city for themselves.

From this core set of founding values, Memphis continues to grow, and our citizens push the city to embrace change. We give more, we hope more and we believe.

What’s more, we are energetic, and our action-driven nature spurs our city’s growth. So, what lies ahead for this beautiful and historic part of the country?

Downtown development

The development schedule for Memphis is on a continued uptick. In fact, Memphis is one of the few cities in the United States that has an almost fully booked development schedule, with over $1 billion in new downtown-area construction in place already.

Taking a walk through Downtown Memphis allows you to see the advancement of the area for yourself, and with an estimated $2.5 billion to be spent on future projects currently in the planning stages, it’s safe to say the area will be continuing its cosmetic and developmental transformation well into the future. The results of these new expansions and improvements are sure to be awe-inspiring.

The people

Although Memphis is a populous city, the number of people living here doesn’t compromise its small-town feel—and because Memphis residents are like family, you’re bound to get a sense of welcoming and love when you arrive. Memphians’ shared vision for the future involves building a thriving environment where everyone can flourish, feel safe and enjoy a high quality of life.

The authenticity of the city and its people is what makes Memphis an epicenter for entrepreneurs, innovators and creatives. Dreams, visions and ideas are shared in abundance, with the common goal of making Memphis even better than it already is.

The economic environment

From entrepreneurs to research scientists, all kinds of people move to Memphis. Our culture of creativity and ability to think outside the box combine with a supportive environment to create an economic environment that is one of a kind.

The culture

When was the last time you visited a city with such a deep culture? A sense of identity that residents ascribe to? A way of life and a common set of values that locals feel proud to be associated with?

There’s no other way to say it—the spirit of Memphis is as unique as they come, with a deep culture and effervescent identity that’s hard to miss. Memphis vibrates on a frequency all its own, and that’s what makes the city unstoppable. We are Memphis, and our future is bright.

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