Oh So Sweet!: Yolimar Flores of Oh! Desserts

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If you’ve got a sweet tooth, Oh! Desserts needs to be on your radar! Bakery genius Yolimar Flores makes sweet treats that are absolutely out of this world! Whether you’re looking for a perfectly designed cake, an insanely delicious pie, or another one of her many creative specialities, you’re sure to be pleased! We caught up with her to learn more about the business!

Tell us the background of your business! How did you get started and what inspired you?

I was raised in this beautiful picturesque artisan town called El Hatillo, Caracas, Venezuela. It has the perfect town square with a German bakery, a beautiful church, a quaint library, and our bakery. In the middle of our town square, there are palm trees and park benches where people from all ages gather and share stories. As a little girl being raised in the bakery environment, I would watch my grandma create elaborate, exquisite, and amazing desserts that, to this day, are a big part of our town square. Since then I knew that making such delicious desserts would be a part of my life. Being in Memphis a while and sharing with my coworkers, I realized that the desserts and flavors I knew didn’t exist here. I knew I wanted to share them with my co-workers. I would bring them a variety of cakes over time and one day a coworker asked me to make them a birthday cake. That moment is when it all started 5 years ago.

Your desserts look absolutely delicious! Which cake or dessert has been your favorite to make and why?

Definitely the “Marquesa de Chocolate”, key lime pie, and passion fruit pie. These desserts are out of this Earth and the flavor in each bite just hits the spot. Although I am a baker, if I am honest, baking anything and having that creative spark makes me happy. Especially when my clients send me messages or tag me on their posts saying how satisfied they are. That is what makes it all worth it.

How has Memphis’ Latin(o/e/x) community been a part of your own story?

Oh! Desserts would definitely not be the same without the community. In just a year the love and support from the community have been so gracious. It just shows that the desserts Oh! Desserts creates are loved and that we are doing a fantastic job of bringing tropical flavors to Memphis.

What advice would you give to anyone looking to start their own business?

I would definitely tell them to be patient and to be very dedicated, but, overall, to be very disciplined. It’s not just about wanting something; you have to be willing to put in the hours and most definitely the work. You will certainly see that the effort and endless work you put into your business will give you great satisfaction as it begins to grow.

What’s next for you and Oh!Desserts?

I definitely want to incorporate more tropical flavors, new designs, and bring my hometown to Memphis with not just desserts but perhaps special seasonal traditional plates. Hopefully, I’d love to be at an expo where you all can come and taste a little piece of  Venezuela in this incredible melting pot of cultures.

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