Five Questions with Brandon Lewis

Brandon Lewis is wearing a lot of hats these days and making them all look really good. He’s mentoring emerging artists through his work at The Consortium MMT, he’s collaborating with GRAMMY-award-winners, he’s getting ready to take his music on the road – and so much more. After we heard his most recent single “Forty-Five Minutes” we knew we had to sit down with him and ask Five Questions.

First things first, you’ve got brand new music out and as always, “Forty-Five Minutes” is super sexy and a ton of fun. Tell us about the making of this song – did you write or co-write it?

I specifically wanted something to complement the vibes that come with the summer heat. Something that can keep my listeners involved yet wanting more as the season progresses. This was a collaboration with Felly the Voice, a chart-topping songwriter, along with Memphis native and Grammy winning producer Blac Elvis. Everything was recorded right here in Memphis.

We hear you’ve got plans to release an EP this fall! Will “Forty-Five Minutes” be on that record? Is this your first EP?

There’s a chance that I’ll be releasing a body of work sooner than later. I know I’m getting close to showing I have what it takes to make an impact in the music industry. Hopefully bringing additional attention to the diverse talent we have in Memphis. It will be my first EP when I do release the material and I look forward to the feedback from my supporters. The city has been showing me love since my debut single and I want that to continue.

One of the things we love about you is that you’re an artist who is also working every day to help other artists. Tell us about what you do at The Consortium MMT and what the last year has been like – how have you adapted in that work and what do you see in the year ahead?

Having a leadership role at the organization allows me the opportunity to give back to the Memphis music community through mentorship and talent development. Every day is a journey when you’re working with creatives and I strive to make the organization be a safe space for our talents to grow. I’ve been teaching the principles of music business as well as how to elevate their talent level creatively. The last year really showed me how determined our talent community truly is. The work never stopped, and the creativity was at an all time high. Our people got creative in their approach to continuing their careers which was really inspiring to my own. I think some of the best music and relationships were made during this time as well. Over the next year I hope to share time with many more talents that I can have a positive impact on. Mentorship and talent development are absolutely part of my purpose. It’s a space I have grown to love and thrive in!

When can we see you live? Do you have any plans to tour soon?

Very soon! Currently working with a talented group of musicians and engineers to put together a great live experience beginning this year. I strongly believe there will be an opportunity in the near future to take the show on the road. Especially if all is well and people are safe to gather in larger groups. For now, be on the lookout for dates right here in the city.

What gets you the most excited about Memphis music right now?

What excites me the most right now is the growth in the Memphis music community. I love the exposure and support we are getting on major platforms globally. It’s inspiring to see the rebirth happen in my generation. It’s definitely our time to take it to the next level and showcase the music city we have always been.

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