Memphis Bloggers You Need To Be Following!

One of the best ways to get an inside scoop of what’s happening around town is by following local bloggers. Memphis is home to a number of excellent bloggers who write, post and share information on everything from food to current events. No matter what interests you, chances are there is a blogger out there who is covering it (and if there isn’t, maybe you can fill that role). Here are just a few of the top Memphis bloggers, blogs and social sites you need to follow.

Laura Boswell

If you’re a fan of lifestyle blogging and fashion tips, Laura Boswell is not just one of the best bloggers to follow, but she also is very popular, with 142,000 total followers (104K on Instagram, 9.6K on Facebook, 8.3K on Twitter and 20.3K on Pinterest). You can follow her on her social media platforms at “Walkinginmemphisinhighheels,” or you can visit her website Walking in Memphis in High Heels.

Paris Chanel

If you’re always looking for new makeup and fashion tips, Paris Chanel may be the perfect blogger and influencer to follow. She has 55.5K followers on Instagram and 6.5K on Twitter. You can also catch most of her updates and content on her YouTube channel (which is a great spot for makeup tutorials). You can follow her blog and keep in touch with Paris Chanel at her website Shop Paris Chanel (her social platforms all contain the name “parischanel.”).

St. Francis Elevator Ride

The St. Francis Elevator Ride Instagram account is all about local art. On the account, you’ll find a wide range of art that is locally produced. This art ranges from CD album covers to prints, clothing and street art. It is a unique style that is all made and produced right here in Memphis. St. Francis Elevator Ride does not have a website, but you can follow the visual blog right on the Instagram profile (stfranciselevatorride). And if you’re interested in supporting local artists, there is also a Go Fund Me campaign listed on the Instagram profile as well.

All of Destiny

Destiny C runs her own Instagram and YouTube visual blog where she shows off life in Memphis (she is also a U of M alumn). Her posts focus mostly on local hot spots and attractions, although she’s featured beauty and fashion design (ranging from nails to hail). You can catch her Instagram blog at “allofdestiny” (where she currently has 27.4K followers).

Mocha Divas

Desire Lyles Wallace was born and raised in Memphis Tennessee. She’s remained in the city for much of her life, which has helped her forge a strong connection to the city few can compare to. To share her insights and to help encourage and inspire women of all ages to live their very best lives, she started the Mocha Divas blog. With it, she also runs a podcast and a book club.

The Mocha Divas website and blog is the best way to follow, although you can also find Desiree on Instagram at mocha_divas (she currently has over 1,600 followers).

City Chic Living

The City Chic Living blog is run by Alexandra Nicole. She owns her own local boutique and focuses most of her time (when not at the shop) highlighting the latest local trends in art, fashion, makeup, and home good styles. As a mother, she also focuses on blogging about mommy life and taking care of her children.

She is especially active on her blog, so you can always find the latest posts on her website. There are also links to buy the different products she features. However, if you want visual insights you should follow her Instagram page. With over 67K followers, she is a major influencer in Memphis (her IM is citychichliving).


When you want to learn about Memphis food, the Caramelized food blog is perfect for you. This is a fun play on words as Cara Greenstein started the Caramelized blog to highlight her love of food in the area. However, it isn’t all just local restaurants. In fact, this makes up just a small part of the blog. Cara also focuses on cooking food at home with local produce that is freshly grown. Here you’ll learn about fresh markets and where to pick up in-season produce.

One of the best ways to follow food blogging is through an active Instagram post. That’s exactly what Cara offers you. With her cara_melized Instagram page (which has over 10.6K followers) you can stay up on not only what Cara is eating but what she’s preparing in her own kitchen as well. She also puts up videos onto the Instagram TV portion of the site, which is great for when you want to watch cooking recipes for preparing certain meals.

Ask DeAvila Sade

Mental health and staying positive can sometimes seem impossible. But things are made a bit easier with help. This is what DeAvila Sade looks to offer through her blog. It’s a fantastic blog that offers inspiration through both written word and through video posts. Here she’ll cover everything from relationships to daily stress.

You can follow her blog, or you can check out her askdeavilasade Instagram feed. She also posts to her YouTube channel for additional insights (search  Ask DeAvila Sade.)

Stay in the know

One of the best ways to stay in the know is the follow these bloggers. They often have interesting takes on what’s going on in the city and are able to dive deep into Memphis and share what they discover. With so many bloggers out there you’ll find some that share your passion for a particular topic. So feel free to check out these different bloggers. You may just be amazed at what all is happening in the city that you didn’t know about.

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