Memphis is a city steeped in deep tradition and diversity. Our glorious melting pot of culture and community has a grand history of soul and family, found in the legacy of our black brothers and sisters who have made their homes in Memphis for generations. The following is a quick list of five Black-owned businesses that you can support right now for Black Business Month. Browse to their websites, patronize their stores, do what you can to help our communities continue to thrive and evolve!   

1.Cozy Corner 

If there is anything that Memphis is famous for, it is BBQ, and Cozy Corner, opened in 1977, is a long-time favorite for the delicious BBQ it has been dishing out for the last 43 Years.

This staple of the BBQ Community is an unpretentious and unique location that is popular with locals, tourists, and BBQ fiends alike. Cozy Corner offers everything from traditional Slabs of ribs, to crispy barbecue bologna sandwiches.

Arrive early, as the lunch crowd flows out the door long before noon!

2.The Withers Collection Museum, and Gallery

Opening for the first time to the public in February 2011, The Withers Collection Museum and Gallery showcases the photographic works and uniquely legendary vision of famed Memphian Dr. Ernest C. Withers.  This 7,000 square foot gallery contains nearly 1.8 million photographic images in its archive, showcasing countless moments that Dr. Withers’ had the opportunity to photograph. Images of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and a sprawling photographic history of the Civil Rights Movement can be found in beautiful black and white exposures that line the walls and exhibits of the Gallery. The Museum also has an immersive collection of legendary Jazz and Blues Musicians, such as BBQ, Elvis Presley, as well as a menagerie of historical black culture and history. 

3. Envision Fitness

BELIEF. PASSION. SOUL. This is the mission statement of the black owned Fitness and Yoga studio, Envision Fitness. Located in the historic Cadre Building, Envision Fitness opened in 2009 as a private health club, growing with the vision of inclusion the fitness studio “was founded on the belief that everyone deserves a chance at a healthy life”. Envisions unique approach to fitness engages holistic, traditional, and specially tailored training programs with the goal of helping anyone navigate the waters of a healthy life. Envision will give you more than a workout – it will introduce you to a culture and way of life. Give them a try!

4. Historic Memphis Guided Walking Tour

The long-running, Historic Memphis Guided Walking tour, is one of the most unique tours that anyone in Memphis can enjoy. This Historical based experience focuses on the historical stories of the Civil Rights movement. Walk in the shoes of some of histories greatest musicians, as the tour also follows some of Memphis’s most prized attractions, such as Beale Street and the Mississippi River. This adventure will also bring you through important moments in Memphis’s history during the Civil War, and Prohibition. 

5. The African Place

The African Place is one of the most unique and beautiful stores found in Memphis. Carrying an assortment of wears and products imported directly from Africa, The African Place is a consortium of beautiful artwork, African Clothing, Musical instruments, jewelry, and personal care items, all of which you can bring home to your very own abode. 

Opening in 1999 as West African Artifacts by sisters Trina and Doris Clemmons, the duo has traveled extensively to the Motherland, curating a collection of important and authentic items that can connect you to the spirit and history of Africa. The African Place believes in caring for the concerns of the community, thus offering The African Place Café, and Lion’s den Rental hall to be available for the community.  The African Place relies heavily on word of mouth advertising, so please give them a visit, and tell your friends on social media what you think of your experience! 

Please note: COVID-19 may affect the hours of operation for these businesses. We recommend you call in advance to visiting for the most up-to-date information.

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