The city of Memphis is more than just at the heart of the United States. It is also at the heart of business growth. Companies from not only around the country but around the world are turning to Memphis because of everything the city has to offer. From its geographical location to the quality talent, favorable business taxes and a number of other desirable elements, the city has become a thriving business center.

A thriving center for minority business owners

For a city to thrive, it needs businesses and business owners from all walks of life. To help minorities thrive, the city offers resources, grants and loans not found in other states (or even in other cities around Tennessee). This has resulted in Memphis becoming the top city for black-owned businesses, according to both HuffPost and Fast Company and reported by Commercial Appeal.

Interested in starting a business? Memphis is open

If you’re interested in opening a business, the city of Memphis is open to you. Whether it is a restaurant, a fashion design company or a manufacturing plant, if there’s a business you’re interested in starting, Memphis is interested in you. So make sure to check out what the city has to offer, visit the Greater Memphis Chamber for additional insights, and learn just what the city can offer you above and beyond what other areas of the country have. You’ll discover there really is nothing like this gateway to the South.

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