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Between the rising cost of healthcare and the demands of the daily grind, it can be tricky for people to prioritize wellness as much as they’d like—and despite all our delicious soul food, Memphians are no exception.

In recent years, premier Memphis-area charity Church Health has stepped up to assist residents in leading healthier lives. Church Health’s push to promote a healthy diet through kitchen teaching sessions falls in line with its larger goal of providing healthcare services to the working uninsured.

How the classes work

Fueled by a focus on Church Health’s aforementioned core mission, the Teaching Kitchen aims to instill proper meal preparation skills in the community. When Church Health founder and CEO Dr. Scott Morris launched the operation, he did so with the vision of promoting a well-balanced lifestyle through medical care, proper nutrition, a vibrant spiritual life and more. Today, Church Health is among the top volunteer organizations in Memphis that emphasize the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Two cooks at the Kitchen Memphis

Sharing tips for a healthy lifestyle

The Teaching Kitchen at Church Health has expanded in popularity over recent years, and now holds classes at the Crosstown Concourse (formerly the Sears distribution center). This large facility provides enough space and resources for Church Health nutrition professionals to expand upon the theme of using food as a medicine.

Memphis residents may be advised to reduce carbs or eat more protein—but how does this translate into an actual meal on the table? Church Health is one of the few Memphis charities that provides practical nutritional classes for locals to implement in their own homes.

In addition, Church Health works with Tulane University medical students, teaching them how to communicate food benefits and value to their patients.

The Teaching Kitchen runs one day a week for a six-week period. During their training, students work in teams to learn essential cooking skills, optimal use of ingredients and recipes that have the potential to make a big difference to their health over time.

Church Health also maintains a network of health coaches, doctors and providers who work with patients and students at the Teaching Kitchen on an ongoing basis.

Effects on the community

Because the Teaching Kitchen is open to the whole community, it has had a widespread positive influence on the local population. Church Health breaks down the economic barriers often associated with living a healthy lifestyle by using simple and accessible nutritional programs.


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