Memphis v.s. Errrbody: Memphis Meeks Giveaway!

Ancelious Meeks, or as you may know him better, Memphis Meeks, has been repping Memphis for a minute and wants to encourage others to do the same. After noticing that there weren’t many Memphis merch options without being tied to sports, Memphis Meeks decided to take civic pride in his own hands.  

 “I wanted to see more unity in the city,” Meeks says. “That’s why my original shirt and saying was ‘Memphis Vs Errrbody.’” If you’re from the 901 (or have been here long enough to catch the vibe), you know this phrase has become a part of the city’s culture. From Memphians sporting’s Memphis Meeks’ merch to the Grizzlies even using the phrase in 2015it’s as Memphis as you can get.  

For many Memphians, the collection is extremely relatable and evokes a genuine sense of community. Something so authentic can only come from an artist sharing their soul in their work and that’s just what Memphis Meeks has done. “My favorite part of the creating process is being able to take the Memphis in me and showcase it in such a way where it tells a story, no matter how short. ‘Excuse the Memphis in Me,’ people feel that.”  

Just how much do people feel, and love, the Memphis vibeCustomer Isha Douglass says, “Although I’m not a Memphis Native, I love to support black and veteran owned businesses and movementsDuring my 7 year stay in Memphis, I came across the Memphis vs Errrbody hoodie via social media…It’s more than just a shirt for me but more of an opportunity to showcase such a progressive city that taught me so much grind, wherever I go. 

If you know us at We Are Memphis, you know that we hold civic pride pretty close to our hearts. From sharing Memphians’ innovative movements and ideas to encouraging our fellow Memphians to break out of their comfort zones and explore all that the city has to offer, we’re all about giving Memphis something to be proud of. 

Memphis Meeks feels the same. “I think it’s so important to have pride in our city,” Memphis Meeks shares. “How many times have you heard someone complain but, as soon as they step outside of their comfort zone, they’re surprised and impressed about what Memphis has to offer? My thinking is, if I can get people to take more pride in Memphis and not just a neighborhoodmaybe it’ll change the thinking of a few here and thereknow it sounds cliché but, if I could just touch one person, it’ll make a difference.”  

If you’ve been wanting to get some of Memphis Meeks’ merch for yourself, now’s your chance! We’re running a weeklong giveaway and giving five people a chance to win a Throw the M hoodie. Ready to join in? Head over at @wearememphistn on Instagram for rules to enter!  

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