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We know you’re hungry, Memphis! We’ve put together a guide featuring our favorite spots for Latin American cuisine on Summer Ave just for you.

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Memphis Immigrant Population


Immigrant Contribution to Area's GDP

$4.2 Bil.

Undocumented Population Contribution to Taxes

$61.5 Mil.

Total Earned by Unodocumented Immigrant Households

$415 Mil.

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Soy Memphis - Valentin

A native of Puebla, Mexico, Valentin is all about creativity--whether it’s through creating unique makeup looks or expressing himself through dance! When he isn’t spending his weekends on the dance floor, he’s all about exploring everything the city has to offer. From hanging out on Mud Island to eating at all of his favorite restaurants, there are so many ways he connects with the city. It isn’t just about the food and ways to have fun--he’s all about community. The way Memphis’ Latinx community supports each other and creates a sense of unity is one of his favorite things about the city!

Soy Memphis - Nancy

Originally from Mexico, Nancy is a longtime Memphian! She followed her parents to the city and has been a Memphian for around 15 years. She's visited other cities America, but there’s something special and unique about Memphis. From the influential music to the delicious food, Nancy believes that there are so many aspects of the city that make it the perfect place to call home---for her and her son. She loves how there are Memphians who’ve come from all over the world! We have a robust Latinx community here, but with other Memphians from other countries here as well, the city has so many different cultural influences!

Soy Memphis - Monica

Although Monica originally planned to stay in Memphis for one year, she’s been a Memphian for a little more than 25 years! As the Artistic Director of CazaTeatro and her work with Memphis Noticias, she’s seen the city go through so many great changes over the years. To Monica, the city is a “beautiful peacock,” full of rich culture and so much life! With Memphians from countries such as Cuba, Mexico, Venezuela y más, other Americans are learning so much more about these vibrant cultures. Being Latinx isn’t a monolith--while things like language are common amongst the community, each culture has its own culture, accent, rhythm, and soul!

Somos Memphis

Equity is our right. Culture is our strength. Inclusion is our purpose.

We believe in creating catalytic change for all. Together we are stronger, not despite our differences but because of them. From every background, sex, race and religion, Memphis is a global epicenter where changemakers, world-shakers and idea-breakers come together to create, challenge and change the world around us.

Our journey has only just begun. We are powering Memphis’ future through its greatest resource – its people. We believe in Memphis as a thriving multicultural hub that provides equal and inclusive opportunity for all.

Join us. Together, we are growing Memphis and igniting a brighter future. The Latinx community is accelerating change, standing proudly alongside all people of all colors, knowing our destinies are intertwined. Your wellbeing is our wellbeing. Our success is your success.

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Somos Fuertes

We are strong. Our success is interconnected. Latino Memphis provides critical resources that empower individuals and provide vital assistance to the Latinx community and beyond. From health care to family services, education to legal representation, we work comprehensively to ensure every Memphis Latinx has equal access and opportunity for a safe, healthy and prosperous life in our community.

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Somos El Cambio

We are the change. We provide voice to the voiceless. Latino Memphis fights for the fair treatment and freedom of every Latinx citizen in Memphis. We are determined to create systemic change through programs that represent and advocate for equality and inclusion. No matter who you are or where you come from, we believe in justice for all.

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Somos Memphis

We are Memphis. We believe in the power of partnership and the collective catalyst for change. Latino Memphis partners across government, corporate and non-profit sectors to provide vital insights and assistance in understanding and supporting the Latinx community. Through that effort, we share perspective, knowledge and needs. In return, we collectively build a more equitable and prosperous Memphis lead by a new generation of diverse, culturally conscious community organizers and innovators.

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