Audacity Fest is right around the corner. But what exactly is Audacity Fest and what should you expect? We’ve got the answers to all the important questions right here. From where it’s taking place to what it will deep dive into, here’s what you need to know before heading out to the festival.

More about Audacity

NOMADNESS Travel Tribe is putting on Audacity Fest, which is designed to be a safe place for travelers of all walks of life, but especially for black and brown travelers who are looking for travel ideas and insights into the latest traveling trends.

The festival is all about inspiring the traveling spirit. Oftentimes, the best way to learn about oneself is to hit the road and view life from a different perspective. Travel not only opens a person up to new experiences, but it helps them develop new ideas and ways of thinking. The Audacity Fest Memphis event wants to connect interested travelers with travel influencers who explore the world and can share their own experiences.

The six travel styles

Not everyone travels in the same way. There are people who prefer luxury travel. There are others who are more inclined to sling a backpack over their shoulder and go on any adventure. NOMADNESS Travel Tribe knows this, which is why the festival will provide insights for six different styles of travel.

The six kinds of travel are:

  • Culinary
  • Self-care
  • Adventure
  • Budget
  • Luxury
  • Immersive

If you are a traveler, you likely already know which group you fall under. You may even fall under several groups, often depending on what you’re looking to get out of your travel experience.

Tickets for the festival

There are a number of ticket options, so make sure you read through all of the ticket types before selecting which one you want to purchase.

First, there is a Festival Only ticket. This includes admission into the festival. If you purchase the ticket before the event (you can grab the tickets online), it will run $40. If you are a student (you need a valid student ID), the ticket will cost $20. However, if you miss out on the early bird tickets and are not a student, the tickets will cost $50.

There is a VIP Festival ticket that comes with a bag bursting with goodies, including everything from a festival T-shirt to access to a VIP Lounge. It also lets you skip lines and have break-off sessions with some of the visiting influencers. This costs $150.

The festival is September 27-29

The Audacity Fest Memphis event is fast approaching. With less than a month to prepare, now is the time to pick up your tickets and gear up for the activities. Just make sure you keep it right here with We Are Memphis for all the latest information, updates and insights for the Memphis Audacity Fest 2019.

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