Join in the Race for Reconciliation!

This MLK Day, embrace the essence of togetherness by joining Race for Reconciliation for their 3rd annual event in celebration of Martin Luther King Day! Gear up for a meaningful 5K or 1-mile run/walk, embodying the dream of unity and solidarity. This event serves as a poignant reminder that together, with every step we take, we can create positive change. Rally your friends and family to partake in this impactful occasion, not just for the race but also for the shared commitment to caring for the Memphis community!

More About Race for Reconciliation

The R4R team encourages us all to imagine a unified city that embraces our people, culture, and soul!

“Imagine a movement where people believe again, even dare to dream again.

Imagine people from all races and all levels of education and economics uniting together for the greater good.

Imagine thousands of people coming together in our city to promote love and equality.

Imagine a new voice that is positive and united.

Imagine this voice fighting for the forgiveness, freedom, and fulfillment of all people.

Imagine the resurrection of Dr. King’s dream.

Healing from the past.

Honor in the present.

Hope for the future.

Imagine a race for reconciliation.

In 2019, this was the vision brought to the Memphis Grizzlies, the Memphis Tigers, and the National Civil Rights Museum. As three Memphis pillars, what if they would support this vision? The desire was to create an event that every Memphian, regardless of nationality, would be proud to support. Three yes’s, and R4R was off to the races!

What if we embraced the diversity of our city and kept true to Dr. King’s vision for the future? What if we began to build friendships with people who look different than ourselves? What if we addressed the underlying issues of poverty and humanized the struggle so we do more than fight the crime problem, but solve it?

Our city is more than what the headlines have to say. Memphis is full of amazing, resilient, philanthropic people across every sector – business, education, government, non-profit, and faith.

This MLK Day, January 15, 2024, join the growing army of difference makers who come out to walk, run, and unite this city. R4R offers a visual picture of unity and a glimpse of our preferred future as we work each day to overcome the legitimate needs in our city and live into our name as a city of enduring beauty. We have just endured too long. Come out and see the beauty and help make it Memphis’ future.

Bring your family and friends to the Halloran Centre at the Orpheum and have fun while uniting our city.”

Registration Costs

  • Individual and Family Registration: $45
  • Family discount (for 3 or more): $20 off
  • Team Registration: $38
  • Lemoyne Owen College students, faculty, and staff race for FREE!

Let’s run, walk, and make a difference together!

For more information and to register yourself or create a team, go to and be sure to use our code WEAREMEMPHIS for a discount on your registration!

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