Saucy Chicken

What would a trip to Memphis be without some Southern-style soul food? The sides are savory—collard greens, mac, and cheese, BBQ baked beans—but the chicken is sure to be the star of your plate.

Saucy Chicken, a fast-casual restaurant offering traditional Southern cuisine, is now open in Crosstown Concourse, Suite 137, in the former Mama Gaia’s space.

Saucy Chicken Is All About the Chicken

Following the closure of Mama Gaia inside the Concourse, many believed the space would go vacant for some time. After all, it takes the right fit for a new restaurant to move into the opening left by a previous restaurant. However, Saucy Chicken has swooped in and made it its own. And for chicken lovers out there, this may be one of the best new chicken destinations in all of Memphis.

Saucy Chicken proves it is all about chicken, but that there is a kind of chicken for everyone. Yes, there are the delicious chicken wings, which are great for ordering and going back home to enjoy while watching your favorite sporting event, but there are so many other chicken options available.

You can opt for a chicken sandwich, made with many of the same spices and seasonings as with the wings but on a chicken breast. You can also go sauce-free if you’d rather enjoy the perfectly cooked breast instead. Or you can have it served over a bed of romaine lettuce and all the fixings of a beautifully delicious salad. If there is a kind of chicken you enjoy, chances are Saucy Chicken makes it.

More Than Just Chicken

But here’s the thing: You don’t need to be a chicken lover to enjoy Saucy Chicken. In fact, there are plenty of dining options. The deep-fried shrimp are crispy yet moist, plus there are sandwich options that do not simply revolve around freshly prepared chicken breasts. You can opt for lunch meat chicken or turkey, or you can go with one of the other sandwich options.

There are also some of the best sides served up in the Concourse. If you’ve been craving hush puppies, you’ll find them right here. You’ll also find potato salad so good you’ll want to eat it both as a side and on top of your sandwich. The french fries are made with a special seasoning that gives each bite just enough crispy tang, spice and sweetness.

Discover This New Addition to the Memphis Food Scene

For a restaurant to make it in Memphis, it needs to be good. When a city is known for incredible food, it has a way of pushing out those that do not live up to what restaurant-goers expect. This restaurant came up in September of 2018 and has made a name for itself. If you haven’t had Saucy Chicken before, you owe it to yourself to try it out. So whether you’re a chicken fan or just hungry for a great-tasting lunch, head on over to the concourse and discover why Memphis Business Journal has been raving about Saucy Chicken.

See why The Memphis Business Journal is featuring Saucy Chicken & Memphis food and check out the article here! 

Cozy Corner BBQ

If you’re feeling like something other than the chicken wing deliciousness featured in the “Memphis Business Journal,” head on over to Cozy Corner BBQ. Here you’ll find an exceptional helping of smoked meats ranging from summer sausage to pork butts and even Cornish game hens. And if you want to try something that’s a bit different, sample the barbecue spaghetti. There’s a reason why Food Network listed it as one of the “must-visit” destinations in the city.


Sure, you have your New York-, your Chicago- and even your Detroit-style pizza, but why eat a different regional dish when you can have a slice that is truly Memphis? Garibaldi’s is exactly that. It’s a popular destination for students after a U of M game. It’s also a fan favorite by visitors and locals alike. There’s a reason why this joint opened up in the 1980s and is still going strong. In fact, it’s one of the oldest running restaurants in the city. With so much other pizza competition, there’s a reason (Hint: The pizza is good).


Speaking of old restaurants, this is another joint that’s been featured in just about every regional magazine and newspaper over the years (including the “Memphis Business Journal”). It’s also one of Food Network’s top restaurants in the city. This burger joint has been flipping burgers since 1912, and the recipe is more or less the same today as it was when it began. But what makes the burgers so good? Well, the secret may just sit in the cast iron fat vat (don’t worry; it’s strained daily). It’s the original cast iron vat, and if you have worked with cast iron, you already understand the deliciousness that comes from it. You also know it’s been absorbing the flavors of every past burger that’s been made. So when you head out to Dyer’s, not only are you enjoying a new burger, but you’re enjoying the flavors of history as well.

Celtic Crossing

Sometimes, there’s just nothing like a delicious pint of Guinness and Irish food. Celtic Crossing delivers with this exact offering. Of course, the main difference here is there’s a little bit of the South mixed in with the Irish style of food. So, whether you want bangers and mash or some Galway Bay mussels, stop on by to this highly recommended spot.

Las Delicias

Tex-Mex gets a bad rap, at least if you ask anyone who’s had authentic Mexican food (sorry Taco Bell). Las Delicias offers up a Mexican-style restaurant with a Memphis twist. It’s also one of the best places to go in town when you’re feeling like some solid chunky guac or a margarita. If you want heavy cheddar and sour cream concoctions, head somewhere else, but if you want fresh, and, as the name suggests, delicious food, Las Delicias is a top restaurant in the city.

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