WAMM Recommends: Week of September 12

Our weekly round-up of live music we think you can’t miss this week – from WAMM contributors Zachary Corsa, Jayne-Ellen White, and WAMM Listings Editor Ezra Wheeler.

Window, Revenge Body, Ihcilon (collaborative set)
7 PM Thursday September 15 at Black Lodge


The new Black Lodge on Cleveland has quickly established itself as a prime spot for offbeat curation and intriguing experimentation happening in Memphis, and this Thursday offers something truly special in that regard. Long-running experimental Memphis luminary Paul Maceri brings his Ihcilon project to the table, fusing majestically with Jacques Granger’s always-thrilling Revenge Body and the genre-splicing madcap churn of Window to embark on a collaborative set that would have to really go out of its way to be anything less than compelling and enthralling. Head to Black Lodge expecting the unpredictable and boundary-pushing, and you’re sure to be more than glad that you did so. /ZC

Memphis Music Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

7 PM Thursday September 15 at Cannon Center for the Performing Arts



Before I dive into the myriad reasons why the annual MMHOF Induction Ceremony is this week’s must-see event, I should disclose that I once worked for the organization as Program Manager and certainly still harbor fond feelings for the event. Biases aside, though, it’s hard to overlook an event that will include appearances and performances from Booker T. Jones, Robert Plant, Ronnie Milsap, Priscilla Presley, and many other high-profile guests. In fact, I may go as far to call it Memphis most underrated annual event, competing with the International Blues Challenge for undeserved local indifference. Even if you’re not impressed with the official line-up (which would admittedly be a bit strange), just know that in years past special announced guests have included Snoop Dogg, Keith Richards, and Jimmy Fallon. So take this as a call to action, Memphians, and show your support this year for a truly special celebration. /EW

Don Lifted

7 PM Friday September 16 at the Overton Park Shell



Earlier this week, we here at WAMM spoke to Don Lifted about his upcoming performance at the Shell and he dropped a bit of a bomb on us, claiming that this could serve as his final performance under the moniker. Whether or not this show truly goes down as his last or if he pulls a Jay-Z and returns soon after his “retirement” with new music, it should still be at the top of your plans for the week. For the uninitiated, Don Lifted is one of the city’s most original and heartfelt hip-hop artists, taking inspiration from a dizzyingly wide-range of music including Bon Iver, Radiohead, and Frank Ocean. He is also an accomplished visual artist, which he utilizes to bring his live performances to the next-level. Similar to Reigning Sound earlier this year, he has chosen the icon Memphis Shell as the site for his farewell and the energy should be palpable. /EW

INVOKE Multi-String Quartet

7:30 PM Friday September 16 at Crosstown Arts


INVOKE Multi-String Quartet is a classically trained string quartet that doesn’t necessarily play classical music. The Austin based band consists of multiple combinations of fiddle style violin, classical violin, banjo, cello, and mandolin. Their live show spans genres including Appalachian folk, jazz, classical, Irish folk, and more. Check out either of Invoke’s acclaimed full length albums of original “not classical” compositions anywhere you download music to get a taste of the bands unique blend of styles before you check them out at Crosstown Arts on Saturday. /JW

Built To Spill w/ French Tips, Oruã
8 PM Saturday September 17 at Growler’s


Boise’s Built To Spill have weathered decades of turbulence and turmoil that would break any other band, staying consistently-rewarding and fresh while their peers have succumbed to changing tastes, personal tragedies, and diminishing returns. The key ingredients remain Doug Martsch’s kinetic electric guitar pyrotechnics and his yearning, Neil Young-esque keen, all in the service of winding, elegant guitar-pop that treads far beyond such antiquated terms as ‘indie’ and ‘alternative’. With a stellar new album just having dropped, they hit Growler’s joined by worthy billmates The French Tips, who offer fragmented post-punk of the ‘disco occult’ variety, and recurring Martsch collaborators Oruã, psychonautic trippers from Brazil with their own set of guitar fireworks to ignite. /ZC


Deep Roots @ Brunch

Noon-3 PM Sunday September 18 at Loflin Yard


Who isn’t a sucker for a Sunday blues brunch? If you ask me, Memphis needs more of them! Deep Roots, a Memphis band known for playing soul, rock, and R&B classics, will play for the brunch crowd at Loflin Yard. Deep Roots is a Memphis band that comes with a very Memphis combo of hard rhythm section and a horn section. This show may just be the hair of the dog party music that you will need after enjoying Bailey Bigger, and others at Cooper Young Festival on Saturday. /JW


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