WAMM Recommends: Week of March 6

Each week, the team here at WAMM brings you some of the best live shows hitting the Bluff City. Here are our picks for the week beginning March 6.

Nicole Boggs & The Reel, Rachel Maxann, & Nick Black

8PM, Thursday, March 9th

Hi Tone Cafe


Nicole Boggs and the Reel’s 2022 record, “Dystopian Book Club,” is still fresh, and the Nashville three-piece is hitting The Hi Tone this week. Teaming up with Memphis’ Rachel Maxann, and Nick Black, the bill is brimmed with truth-tellers and merry-makers. Boggs’ smokey style vocals will make an excellent juxtaposition to the smooth pop vocals of Nick Black, and the folk vibe that Rachel Maxann brings to the table. A little something for everyone all on one bill on a weeknight. Sold!

Teenage Halloween, Blvck Hippie, S P A C E R

9PM, Saturday, March 11th

Young Avenue Deli

No Cover

Halloween is unfortunately pretty far distant, as are the halcyon days of our teenage years for too many of us. Regardless, Teenage Halloween is coming to town! These New Jersey natives toe a deliriously-catchy line between pop-punk and power-pop, befitting the full dual awesome signifiers of their name. Hopping on this Young Avenue Deli bill are two of the current leading lights of the Memphis indie scene, the ascendant and anthemic Blvck Hippie and the hardscrabble bash-and-stomp fury of our friends in S P A C E R. Youth and holiday cheer both wane with time, but addictive jams are forever. 

Cathedral Ceilings, Subteens, Jeremy Scott

9PM, Saturday, March 11th


Under $10

Each act on this three-headed hydra of garage-punk bliss released a new album in 2022! New Jersey buds Cathedral Ceilings will immediately bring to mind the heady sugar-rush salads days of peak Husker Du, so if riff-heavy melodic post-hardcore is your bag, be sure to lend these folks your support. Joining the lineup are the Memphis punk luminaries Subteens and Jeremy Scott, late of Reigning Sound and in fine singer-songwriter form these days. If you’ve got some tunes you really dug on any of these bands’ records last year, this is a prime opportunity to come hear them bash ‘em out in person.

River City Tanlines, Johnny Germ & the Membrains, Opossums

8PM, Saturday, March 11

Lamplighter Lounge


While every single project that Alicja Trout has been a part of over the years has been bad ass–and there have been many of them–the River City Tanlines have always been amongst my favorites. Thankfully, the group has been ramping up their live shows lately, including this week’s jam-packed show at the Lamplighter. The Tanlines are sharing a bill with fellow Memphis rockers Opposums and Philadelphia’s excellently named Johnny Germ & The Membrains. Raw raucous rock n’ roll still lives, and you can find it at the Lamp.

Shamarr Allen

8PM, Saturday, March 11



We’re not sure who at Railgarten has a connection to New Orleans, but the Midtown venue has a knack for pulling in some of the best talent the Crescent City has to offer. This weekend, NOLA singer trumpeter Shamarr Allen will be bringing his signature blend of jazz, funk, and hip-hop to Memphis for what promises to be a joyous night of dancing, drinking, and debauchery. Yes, Mardi Gras is in the rear view mirror, but there’s no harm in pretending it isn’t.

Deepstaria Enigmatica

7:30 PM, Saturday, March 11th

The Green Room at Crosstown Arts

Deepstaria Enigmatica is an avant gaurde jazz band named after a large and rare jellyfish- even their name is far out. Made of some of Memphis’ most skilled players, the band’s sounds will take you to places you can’t quite name. In the spirit of improvisation, together, the band discovers what whole sound can be made from each instrumentalist combining notes and patterns into a cohesive sound space. The live show is an escape to a world where endless possibilities exist. Arrive open, and eyes wide.


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