WAMM Recommends: Week of March 27

Mempho Presents: Charlie Parr
7PM, Friday, March 31st
Hernando’s Hideaway

The music of Minnesota country-blues legend Charlie Parr invites the sorts of hyperbolic adjectives familiar to fans of roots music and its troubadours – ‘rough-hewn’, ‘hard-luck’, ‘earthy’. But Parr remain singular in his idiosyncratic approach to Piedmont blues and American folk traditions, both through his tender spirit of a voice and his breathtaking finger-picking via resonator guitar and banjo. His latest full-length, 2021’s Last Of The Better Days Ahead, is his first for the iconic Smithsonian Folkways label; venture to the Hideaway to celebrate this milestone with a master of Americana who never disappoints.

Hurry Up w/ Ibex Clone
9PM, Friday, March 31st
Lamplighter Lounge

The members of garage-punk power trio Hurry Up should be familiar to anyone who’s a fan of scuzzed-out basement sonics from the Pacific Northwest. Kathy Foster and Westin Glass are, of course, late of legendary Portland thrashers The Thermals, while Maggie Vail was a key element of Olympia riot grrl icons Bangs. With such a pedigree, one might expect a continued tradition of beer-soaked singalong anthems and sprightly instrumentation, and you’d be 110% correct on that. Memphian power-pop Goner representatives Ibex Clone open, making a perfect pairing for a revelatory Friday night at Lamplighter.

The Bad Plus & Marc Ribot and the Jazz Bins
7:30PM, Thursday, March 30
Crosstown Theater

At some point in high school, back when Limewire and iPods were both at the height of their popularity, I accidentally downloaded a song from The Bad Plus. Back in those days, I still found jazz to be a bit stuffy and intimidating, but the album “These Are the Vistas” really captured my attention and helped to usher me into the world of jazz and instrumental music. Now in their 21st year, The Bad Plus continues to create wholly original music that appeals to a wide swath of the listening public. The group will be joined by legendary jazz organist Marc Ribot, another innovative yet accessible artist within the genre.

Relentless Breeze + San Salida
8:30 PM, Saturday, April 1

The term “yacht rock” is actually relatively new and was never used by the actual practitioners of that particular slice of mid-70s and 80s soft-rock cheese. But damn…whoever coined the term needs more recognition, because they nailed it with that one. Whether or not names like Steely Dan, Michael McDonald, and Kenny Loggins leave you rolling your eyes, one has to admit that yacht rock is an undeniable vibe during this time of year. Thankfully, there’s no need to shell out hundreds for a ticket to the Doobie Brothers because Memphis’ very own Relentless Breeze will be bringing you all of the yacht rock classics live from DKDC this Saturday night. So throw on your linen shorts, Hawaiian shirt, and sunglasses and head on down from a night of breezy fun.


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