WAMM Recommends: Week Of January 23

Each week, the team at WAMM brings you are picks for the best upcoming live shows of the week. Here are our choices for the week beginning January 23rd.

Samantha Fish w/ Special Guests

7:30 PM, Wednesday, January 25th & Thursday, January 26th

Lafayette’s Music Room


Is there an abundance of blues rock bands in town because it’s International Blues Challenge week? Why, yes there are! Even if you really don’t like blues rock, Samantha Fish is pretty impressive, and has an abundance of die hard fans as proof. Fish shreds an electric blues guitar with the best of them, belts rock and soul vocals, and leads her band into an energizing live show every time. She plays two nights in a row at Lafayette’s Music Room with special guest blues musician Jerimiah Johnson on Wednesday, and blues rock musician Eric Johanson on Thursday. She tends to sell out these Memphis shows, so try to get a jump on getting tickets as early as possible. Happy IBC week!

Raneem Imam & Tiffany Harmon

Wednesday, January 25th , 8:00 PM



Women in Memphis Music hosts Wednesday night shows weekly, and coming up is pop singer Raneem Imam and songwriter Tiffany Harmon. There isn’t a shtick here- just incredibly talented and successful Memphis women playing music on Wednesday night, and these two are some of Memphis’ best. Harmon’s vocal is pure and sometimes takes a strong vintage direction, while Imam’s tunes are super modern radio tunes. You can listen to them both wherever you stream music, but it’s best just to show up for them this week at B-SIDE and give them all the applause they deserve.

The Iris Collective Presents ‘Spacetime’

7:30PM, Thursday January 26th

The Green Room At Crosstown Arts


If the name ‘Iris Collective’ sounds at all familiar to you, there’s a fine reason for it – the collective is the latest outgrowth of the original Iris Orchestra, an experimental approach to orchestral and chamber music that began as a partnership with the City Of Germantown in 2000. Since then, they’ve grown into a nonprofit model and now an innovative artist collective with a focus on sharing musical experiences with the community. On this night at The Green Room, they’ll be presenting “Spacetime”, a carefully-curated selection of pieces themed around space exploration and the expansion of time itself. Soul-stirring music of the cosmic and sublime variety is surely in the offing. Lift off and drift blissfully away!


8PM, Friday, January 27th



While Memphis has not traditionally been at the center of the electronic music scene, things have undoubtedly been heating up over the past several years, thanks in large part to local label Future-Everything. On Friday night, you can experience the magic of three of the label’s premiere artists, each of whom will be bringing their signature style. Whether you prefer ethereal and dreamy or music that packs more of a punch, there should be a little bit of something for everyone.



10PM, Saturday January 28th

The Hi-Tone (Small Room)


Atlanta outfit Blurry have an immediately appealing and nostalgic sound to share, pitched somewhere between the more eagerly heartland-rock moments of REM and the soaring punk glory of peak Husker Du. The guitars churn and chug, the rhythm section is impressively burly, and the ragged harmonies reach the populist rafters with ease. There’s something about this sort of music that inspires feelings of hard-luck triumph and dive-bar reckoning, and this is exactly the kind of anthemic music a bleak Memphis January needs as its remedy. Pack into the small room at Hi-Tone on Saturday and wear your punk rock heart on your sleeve, if only for a few glorious weekend hours. All winters end eventually.

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