WAMM Recommends: Week of December 26

We hope everyone out there had a great holiday season and is getting some much-needed rest, but Memphis’ live music scene never takes a day off, so here are the best live music events to help you close out 2022 in style. (For a guide to NYE shows, check out the link here).

Beat Battle on the Bluff

7PM, Thursday, December 29th

Black Lodge


From DJ Paul to Tay Keith and beyond, Memphis has been churning out some of the hottest hip-hop producers for the past three decades, but there are many underground producers still looking for their chance to break into the mainstream. This Thursday provides an excellent opportunity to find the Bluff City’s next big star at the 10th edition of the Beat Battle on the Bluff. Guest judges will be in the house for the hype competition to crown Memphis’ next great beat maker.

Jombi w/ Lazy Mountains

8pm, Friday, December 30th


Under $10

Memphian psych-jam upstarts Jombi continue to take the local scene by storm, with exploratory improvisations coloring finely-honed instincts for addictive groove and melody. For their last show of 2022, they’re joined by recent local debutantes Lazy Mountains, who marry their own casual take on soul-fried rock with a rootsy swagger appropriate to their name and city. Come spend your last Friday of the year in the company of good vibes and fresh sounds at B-Side, and send 2022 off in style.

Jack Oblivian NYE Warmup

11pm, Friday, December 30th


Under $10

Memphis underground garage-punk legend Jack Oblivian is an inspired choice for DKDC’s last Friday show of 2022, to say the least. The longtime scene lynchpin has been at for decades, after all, and Tav Falco’s Panther Burns and The Oblivians are just a couple of the many towering local acts he’s helped to pilot along the way. Any sort of celebration, official or unofficial, with Jack at the helm is sure to prove memorable, so make sure to swing by DKDC for some unforgettable pre-New Year’s revelry. -ZC

Going out on New Year’s eve isn’t for everyone. To some it can feel forced, pressured, crowded. For that special and relatable breed of person, I suggest a much more low key strategy of going out on December 30th every year. Rebel without a cause–garage band faves Jack Oblivian and Turnstyles return to Bar DKDC for a NYE warm up. Turnstyles are Seth Moody and Graham Winchester’s psych and surf rock experiment that is too fun to miss. Expect true rock n roll vibes–much more low key than NYE, and no glittery outfit required. Highly recommended.-JW

Townes Van Zandt & Hank Williams Tribute

7PM, Sunday, January 1st



New Year’s Day is a strange one, isn’t it? It symbolizes fresh new beginnings and the potential to change the things in your life, but often begins with exhaustion and a hangover. That’s what makes B-Side’s decision to host a tribute to Townes Van Zandt and Hank Williams on the first day of 2023 especially brilliant, as both men’s music seems to embody this liminal space between hope and despair. We of course have no way of knowing what 2023 will bring, but you can ensure that the year gets off on the right foot by celebrating the lives and music of two of Americana’s most brilliant artists. -EW

Townes Van Zandt is one of the greatest Americana singer-songwriters of all time. He pioneered the 1970’s Nashville rebel sound along with artists like Steve Earle, and Guy Clark writing hits for artists like Willie Nelson. His music has been covered by artists from Norah Jones to Merle Haggard. He succumbed to death at the age of 52 following a deep alcohol addiction on New Year’s day 1997, only weeks after recording at Memphis’ famed Easley McCain recording studio. Hank Williams passed away of similar causes on New Year’s day at the age of 29, also on New Year’s Day. Memphis based singer songwriter Brian Blake has organized an annual tribute to these Americana heroes on both of their death dates. Check out the link below from 2020’s tribute to hear more from Blake and why he pays tribute every year. -JW

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