WAMM Recommends: Week of August 22

Our weekly round-up of live music we think you can’t miss this week – from WAMM contributors Zachary Corsa, Jayne-Ellen White, and WAMM Listings Editor Ezra Wheeler.

Fireside Collective

7 PM Wednesday, August 24 at Hernando’s Hideaway



The term ‘progressive bluegrass’ may understandably fix a very definite impression in your mind, for better or worse, but rest assured that adventurous quintet Fireside Collective aren’t interested in playing square peg to your genre-signifier’s round hole. These exuberant Ashevillians may employ familiar instrumentation – there’s plenty of banjo and mandolin present here – but seem all too eager to merrily deconstruct your assumptions by slipping subtle nods to blues, funk, and folk traditions between the usual hectic breakneck bluegrass pace. In other words, they’re a perfect match for the Hideaway, so fashion your midweek into a high point instead of a hump day and check them out on Wednesday night. /ZC


The Musical History of Royal Studios

7:30 PM Friday, August 26 at the Halloran Centre



For over 60 years, Memphis’ Royal Studios has consistently churned out era-defining hits, from the instrumentals of Willie Mitchell and Bill Black to the iconic soul songs of Al Green and Ann Peebles. As one of the oldest continuously operated music recording studios in the world, Royal has continued to produce hit records into the 21st century, including Bruno Mars’ throwback smash hit “Uptown Funk.” This Friday, producer and studio owner Lawrence “Boo” Mitchell and the Hi Rhythm Section (Royal’s long-time house band) will be guiding audiences through the studio’s deep and consequential history through a mix of stories and music. Although Royal has often been overshadowed by the behemoth that was Stax Records, this event should help put the South Memphis studio’s immense legacy into sharper focus with a top-notch soundtrack to boot. / EW

Memphis producer, musician, recording engineer, and son of the legendary Willie Mitchell, is hosting a night dedicated to the history of his family’s music legacy. Royal Studios is one of the Memphis institutions to solidify Memphis’ reputation as one of the most important music cities in the world. Hi Records artists like Al Green, Anne Peebles, and Otis Clay made charting hits in the 1960’s and 1970’s recorded and produced by Willie Mitchell at Royal. Backing those soul legends up was The Hi Rhythm Section, the house band that made those hits recognizable as part of the Memphis sound. Friday, Hi Rhythm and dynamo vocalist Marcus Scott, will be playing some of Royal’s best known hits, while Boo Mitchell gives us the behind the scenes story of the studio’s history. This will be a Memphis music experience like no other! / JW

Joybomb Album Release

8 PM, Saturday, August 27 at Bar DKDC



Although Memphis’ punk scene already offers a wide array of sonic options, the trio Joybomb is certainly in a category of their own, eschewing the blues-infused garage rock sound that largely defined Bluff City punk in favor of a more power pop and emo inspired brand of music. On Friday, the band will be releasing their new album “American Cult Candy,” which will be followed by a live performance at Bar DKDC on Saturday. If their new single “Outside the Frame” is any indication of what to expect, both the album and show should be saturated with killer riffs, undeniable melodicism, and infectious hooks designed to keep the audience rocking all night. While a large part of the band’s appeal is their defiance of  traditional pop punk trappings, they will still appeal to those of us who miss the sing-a-long rock anthems of a decade ago. /EW

Long-running local favorites Joybomb have spent over two years fine-tuning their newest full-length offering, American Cult Candy, and are finally ready to share the fruits of their labor at what’s sure be a jubilant album release party this Saturday. These folks’ highly-caffeinated power-pop and scrappy punk sensibility offer quite the balm for anyone weary with the current state of the world, and that should be doubly true at this very special celebration at DKDC. Untold hours of heart-on-sleeve labor have resulted in an effervescent keepsake of an album, one you’ll surely want to take home and tell your friends about, and taking time to commemorate such an achievement in person is sure to make it all doubly special. /ZN

Aaaah! A three piece alt rock, post hardcore band playing catchy riffs in major keys. This is the band of my high school dreams, this is JOYBOMB. It’s hard not to hear the band’s frontman Grant Beatty’s electric Gretsch harmonics and not get nostalgia for 90’s So-Cal pop punk icons like Tim Armstrong (Rancid),  Billie Joe Armstrong (Green Day), and pop rock bands like Weezer. Joybomb’s single release entitled, Twin Flame, proves to be right on brand for the mix of pop punk and rock n roll that the band claims to be. The band’s debut full length album, American Cult Candy, will be celebrated and released this Friday at DKDC, with special guests Shorty & The Grooves– another Memphis based rock band not to miss. Doors at 8 PM! /JW

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