Tequila is rare in that it has its own following, a fan-base that appreciates and supports all things associated with this alcoholic beverage. From its rich history to its variety. If you find yourself searching for “things to do near me” this October, Memphis has a festival for those tequila fans and for anyone looking for fun.

Memphis is filled with history, not unlike tequila, and is as diverse as the more than 1,000 different tequila brands. Just as the people of Memphis work together to create, tequila serves as the base of many mixed drinks. Given these commonalities, it isn’t surprising that a tequila festival is held every year in our city. Here’s what you need to know about the second annual Memphis Tequila Festival:

More than just tequila

First off, don’t worry if you aren’t necessarily a big fan of tequila, as other adult beverages will be available alongside an array of enjoyable activities and delicious food. After all, we are Memphis so we know all about good eats and good fun.


Along with admission, your ticket buys 15 tequila tastings. Enjoy some of the top labels and perhaps a new surprise brand or two.


While you must be 21 to get into the 2018 Memphis Tequila Festival, there’s no shortage of fun things for big kids to do!  A hot local Memphis DJ will rock the night, and activities like face painting will be available.

Food and beverage

Tacos, food vendors and a cash bar with beer and cocktails – what more do you need for a great night? Be sure to grab a bite to eat during the festival to go with all that tasty tequila!

A real Memphis experience

Don’t be surprised if this year’s Memphis Tequila Festival includes more than a few spooky surprises. Kicking off less than two weeks before Halloween, this event is smack-dab in the middle of the season of the macabre. If last year’s inaugural festival is anything to go by, there’ll be a real sense of community on display, which makes the festival a great way for visitors to get an idea of the who and what of Memphis. Before long, you’ll understand why we proudly say, “We are Memphis.”

If you love tequila, like trying different brands of alcohol or just want to enjoy some music, food and fun in one of the most amazing cities in the world, this is your official invitation to the 2018 Memphis Tequila Festival. The festival is set to be held in Overton Square on Friday, Oct. 19 – hope to see you there!

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