Small Business Spotlight: Make It Taste Good – Artisan Spice Blends by Esther Elizabeth

By: Elise Herron

Photo Credit: Make It Taste Good

If you want to eat right, then you need to get serious about your seasonings. That’s the philosophy behind Make it Taste Good. The artisan spice company, which appeared on USA’s America’s Big Deal last year, was founded based on the belief that when it comes to sticking with a healthy diet — taste is the top priority.

As an entrepreneur and “spiceologist,” owner Esther Elizabeth has made it her mission to prove there’s more to good food than sugar, salt, and fat. Swapping those ingredients with nutrient-rich seasonings is half the work of creating a healthy dish that doesn’t taste like cardboard. The other half is choosing unprocessed seasonings that aren’t irradiated, fumigated, or filled with additives — like many conventional spices on supermarket shelves.

Photo Credit: Make It Taste Good

MITG’s all-natural, low-sodium and low-sugar products deliver real flavor to meals with less calories and no chemicals. MITG blends are made with a complex fusion of flavors. Take a look at the ingredients list, and you’ll see an eclectic mix of spices, herbs, fruits and veggies.

MITG’s latest creation, the PILI PILI spice blend & oil, is powered by African bird’s eye chilis and Scotch bonnet peppers. MITG’s fan-favorite is the $10 spice box, and its spring boxes are on sale now. They’re the perfect present for a friend (or yourself). Visit MITG’s website to buy one today or browse the rest of its signature seasonings, dressings, and recipes.

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