Eating Local: Savannah’s Food Co.

We all know that eating local is great for our local restaurant economy, but did you know that it’s better for the environment too? By grabbing ingredients from your local farms and growers (or picking up meals from restaurants and businesses that do), you’re not only getting super fresh ingredients and a whole lot of nutrients, you’re also reducing your carbon footprint. That’s a win-win for sure! So how do you get all the farm-fresh goodness right at your front door? Savannah’s Food Co. has the perfect solution. Chef Zach Thomason is adding his own (crazy delicious) flavors to the Memphis mix and we couldn’t be happier to have another local business to support! 

Chef Thomason got his start in food service at an early age. Through working at McCalister’s when he was 15 and working for Dory’s Dave Krog, he built his appreciation for food and treating the ingredients with respect.

“Other than being at home or with a few close friends, being in a kitchen and around restaurant people is the place I feel the most comfortable,” he says. Local food doesn’t just reduce greenhouse gas emissions and support your local economy– it’s also way better for you. In 2012, and while living in California, his work on organic farms allowed him to learn more about the many benefits of eating local food. “Eating closer to where you live is better for your body and the environment,” Chef Thomason says. “I have some back problems as well and I found that eating right and treating myself better began to alleviate many of those problems.”

Providing great local food isn’t Savannah’s Food Co.’s only mission– they’ve also set goals such as providing jobs to those needing a second chance and giving extra food to the homeless. “For me, the mission is the most important part of the project,” Chef Thomason says. “I was homeless. I won’t go into the details, but very dear friends helped me out. I now see that we are all one. Everyone needs some help sometimes in their life. I believe that is our job as human beings to help one another and treat one another with love and kindness.” 

So what’s on the menu? We Are Memphis was able to try the Moroccan Chicken (which is actually Chef Thomason’s favorite) and the Chocolate Peanut Butter bar. To say they were amazing is totally not saying enough! There are several other options available– from other savory entrees to stellar sandwiches and salads, there is something for everyone!

There’s so much to come from Savanna’s Food Co. and we can’t wait to see what Chef Thomasson and the team have up their sleeves! Ready to order?

Check out their website here or follow them on Instagram and Facebook

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