5 DIY Holiday Crafts You can do with the Whole Family

One of the best parts about the holidays is the opportunity to celebrate the season with more than just the traditional meal! This has been a tough and exhausting year for many families, and as we consider all of the things we still have to be thankful for, we should celebrate our togetherness through a family project. Instead of buying all of your Fall decorations this year, instead consider putting on your crafting hat and fashion a few DIY decorations to welcome guests, or even just your family to the season, and of course to Holiday Dinners! We have created a list of 5 welcoming suggestions to help celebrate the season, and invite your family to join in on the fun and possibly start a new family Tradition! Here are 5 DIY Holiday Crafts that you can create with your family this year!

Create a Holiday Themed Porch Display

The best way to Introduce the Holiday Season to your guests and immediately inspire holiday cheer and thankfulness is to decorate the entryway to your home with a fall motif! This idea isn’t as difficult as it might seem. First, collect a few items from your local craft store such as wicker baskets, mini pumpkins and gourds, fall-colored leaves, and cinnamon-scented rustic brooms. Arrange the mini-pumpkins and gourds into the baskets, and outline the sides of your door with the Cinnamon brooms! Attach a DIY Holiday-inspired wreath as the centerpiece to your decorations, and voila! The moment your guests arrive, they will be inspired by the season! 

Fashion yourself a Wreath from Paper Leaves 

Speaking of Centerpieces for your entryway, crafting your own wreath is a cheap and fun way to get the whole family involved in the decorations! Creating this wreath can be as unique and fun as spending time with your family during the holidays. Find a leafy pattern you like, and trace the outline on a piece of cardboard to create the stencil. Now, use some colorful fall construction paper, or even pages from a book, and cut out the design until you have about 100 different leaves (which is both fun and time consuming for your kids!). Lastly, attach the leaves together with a hot glue gun in a circular pattern. Hang with burlap or dark ribbon to your front door! 

Warm Greeting Chalk Board

As your guests walk through your newly decorated front door, keep the spirit of the season going by decorating a simple chalk message board near the front of your home, preferably near the Hors d’Oeuvres / cocktail tray to welcome your guests to the celebration! Creating this board is simple, as we suggest finding an old tray, and painting the inside with chalkboard paint that can be purchased from the crafts store. Complete the look by gluing a few faux autumn branches as a border around the tray, and affix it to the wall using a bit of the burlap ribbon you have leftover from the wreath. Make sure to write a simple, welcoming message on the chalkboard!  

Craft Holiday-Inspired Cards for Socially Distanced Family and Friends!

This year, many of us won’t be able to spend time with our friends and family as social distancing due to COVID-19, and limiting the spread of the disease is very important for our communities! The holidays are still very much about celebrating and being thankful for our friends and family, so with that in mind, why don’t we reach out the old fashioned way!  Another DIY idea that costs very little, and can be fun for the whole family, is to create personalized and homemade Holiday cards to send to our loved ones! Collect some construction paper, scissors and glue, and set your kid’s imaginations to the task! If you are planning on virtually sharing your Holidays, you can share these lovely creations with your virtual guests over a zoom call, and create a memory book to share with everyone once everything is safe! 

Now for the Centerpiece!

Now to bring it all home, and keep the theme going. Creating a DIY Centerpiece is quite simple, as you can use the remainder of your tiny pumpkins, as well as repurposing some of the decorations that you may have lying around from Holidays past! We suggest painting a few of the pumpkins different fall shades and arranging them in the center of the table. Next, add a few fall leaves (either leftover from the wreath or possibly a few faux leaves purchased from the craft store. Arrange these creatively, giving plenty of space for the delicious delights to be served!   

Bonus! Volunteer or Donate to Charity!

During these uncertain and unique times, it is increasingly important for all of us to pitch in and band together to help one another. There are many folks who are experiencing hardships and as part of the Holiday season, we should be sharing a little bit of ourselves, and our time and resources for the betterment and joy of everyone. VolunteerMatch is a fantastic resource for donating and volunteering in and around Memphis. Every little bit of kindness can help! 


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