WAMM Recommends: Week of Dec. 12

Each week, the team at WAMM puts together a list of the best upcoming live shows hitting the M-Town in the next 7 days. This week is a doozy, especially if you’re looking for some great holiday shows!

Corey Feldman w/ S P A C E R, The Mourning

7PM, Tuesday, December 13th

Black Lodge


Yes, that Corey Feldman. The 80s child-actor survivor has stubbornly refused to descend into obscurity, and he’s picked up a number of camp touches along the way to his glammed-out resurgence as a live performer. The showmanship and spectacle are very much the point here, and Feldman is surprisingly skilled at selling the ‘80s tent revival’ fanfare of his highly-driven performances. Luckily, he’s flanked here by two stellar opening acts; S P A C E R continue their dominance over the local DIY scene, pushing themselves to more and more turbo-charged extremes of pop-punk frenzy, while shadowy post-rock/shoegaze hybrid The Mourning bring a beguiling ambient drift and heroic surge that could effectively soundtrack any of the headliner’s bygone cinematic hits.

The Blast Habit Holiday Bash!

9:30 PM, Friday, December 16th


$7 (+ a canned good)

Blast Habit Records was founded a couple of years ago by Jared and Lori McStay and Graham Winchester as a way to release their own music, along that of their friends. Given the sheer number of bands that the three of them are in, this represents quite a bit of music, much of which will be on display this Friday during the label’s annual holiday bash. After Alicja Pop kicks off the evening, Winchester will go on a marathon run, performing with Turnsytles, So Gung Ho, Sheiks, and the Graham Winchester Band. Will he make it through?! Tune in to find out! The event will also be serving as a food drive, so don’t forget to bring a canned food item as well.

Claudio Simonetti’s Goblin Performing ‘Suspiria’

7 PM, Friday, December 16th

Black Lodge


There aren’t many bands out there known chiefly for their work in film scoring, but landmark Italian prog-rock heroes Goblin are a notable exception. Their long association with masterful giallo icon Dario Argento is simply era-defining, from Deep Red to Tenebrae, from the Italian score to George Romero’s masterpiece Dawn Of The Dead to Suspiria, Argento’s opus and the last word on the giallo genre. Hearing keyboardist and bandleader Claudio Simonetti and his pals run through live accompaniment to the latter is truly a treat not to be missed, and there’s no better setting than the luxurious, film-worshipping trappings of Black Lodge to feature such macabre delights as this.

Robby Grant Xmas Show

8PM, Saturday, December 17th



It all began with quirky holiday gifts for close family and friends, but quickly became something much bigger. For years, prolific musician and WYXR Executive Director Robby Grant composed mixtapes of original Christmas tunes for his loved ones. Thankfully, many of those lo-fi pop gems have since been released to the public and Grant has become an unlikely hero of the holiday tune. This Saturday, he’ll be sharing many of these songs live at Bar DKDC, which seems like the perfect venue to enjoy them in.

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