2021 Memphis Resolutions

By: Kirstin Cheers

2020 was an interesting year. For some it’s been rough, quarantined in their homes for months at a time, dealing with the loss and separation of family and friends and the cancellation of events we have learned to look forward to each year. For others, some have started and grown businesses, gotten married, had kids, got rest, or finally got the chance to work from home to avoid those chatty co-workers. Here we are, in 2021  finally! Nevertheless, as we closed one year, we still can make some plans, goals and hopes for this one. Here are a few resolutions we’re hoping for in 2021: 

Continue to Safely Social Distance and Wear Masks

Looks like hope is on the horizon and a COVID-19 vaccine is on its way by way of FedEx. We missed out on a lot this year like Memphis In May and Levitt Shell concerts. We’re ready to get back to all the great things Memphis has to offer. So, protect yourself and your family and continue to follow CDC guidelines. 

 Less Hook Ups, More Dating 

The pandemic has taught us that we’re not getting any younger. The love of your life could be locked in the house for a year with your future mother-in-law and you don’t know it because you keep swiping left on Tinder. Being safe doesn’t mean you can’t be creative! There’s plenty of spots you can get take out from for a nice date like Erling Jensen or the new Slim & Huskys or catch a movie outside at the drive-in movie theater on Summer (ok, ok, it’s a prime spot for hooking up). Cuffing season is still underway, so you have time to sweep someone off their feet and possibly find the one. 

 Adopt a School 

The pandemic has also taught us that our children need more support from the community-at-large. Get some friends together and adopt a school. Agree to volunteer tutoring or reading services as part of their after-school program. Consider sponsoring field trips or assisting teachers with supplies. Our children are our greatest investment. Let’s band together to ensure their success this year. 

 Support Small Businesses and Restaurant by Ordering Curbside and Takeout 

There’s not a prospective date of when this pandemic will be over. Let’s continue to protect ourselves, our community and ensure our restaurants can continue to operate and remain open by ordering takeout and picking up via curbside. The key to getting through this will be if we stand as a community and hold up each other. We’re in this together and we can overcome this together if we all work together. 

 Support Local Creatives 

Our creative community took quite the hit this year. We can also support our creatives by purchasing their art. Discover new artists by listening to the WXYR radio station located in Crosstown Concourse or We Are Unapologetic for new finds. Reach out to 3rdSpace for Art Advisory needs for your office space. Check out this list of Black women DJ’s in Memphis who could be a great addition to your next holiday or Back to School Block parties. 

 Invest in Neighborhoods 

Articles like this one emphasize how much our communities are growing and need more working hands in them. Consider joining your neighborhood association to learn more about your community. Get to know your neighbors by exchanging numbers and helping each other with needs during the pandemic. Continue to keep our neighborhoods clean and safe for our youth. Encourage young professionals to move into the city and buy a home. 

 Grow Skills 

The pandemic has given some of us more time on our hands (when we’re not on Zoom calls all day). Since we may have a few more months of this thing, consider picking up more skills and resume boosters. There are online class platforms such as Skillshare and local organizations like Tech901 to advance your coding and website building skills. It’s never too late to learn new skills. 

 Start a Podcast 

We need more voices promoting Memphis culture. Why not you? Pitch a podcast to the OAM Network located in Crosstown Concourse. You can also launch a podcast from the comfort of your home and using the free app Anchor. Bet on yourself and promote Memphis the way you would want someone to see the beauty in all we have and are.  

What are your hopes for this new year? What would you like to see happen in Memphis in 2021? How will you commit to making Memphis a better place? 

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