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Young creatives across the United States are waiting for the chance to show off their hard work and creativity at the third annual Indie Memphis Youth Film Fest. This year’s festival will take place on Saturday, Sept. 8, at the Halloran Centre.

This year’s event will once again be a hot ticket, screening short films and videos by young auteurs in grades seven to 12. In addition to viewing the chosen submissions, festival attendees will be able to take in a variety of presentations and workshops featuring some of the best-known names in the film industry.

Last year, Craig Brewer (director of “Empire” and “Hustle & Flow”) and Tom Shadyac (director of “The Nutty Professor” and “Ace Ventura: Pet Detective”) shared what they learned from their time in the industry. The year before, the inaugural festival included a workshop led by Chris Strompolos and Eric Zala, who, as kids, put together a shot-for-shot remake of “Raiders of the Lost Ark” that was not just low-budget but no-budget.

Although the guest list for 2018 has not officially been announced, it’s safe to say attendees will once again have Hollywood veterans in their midst.

This year’s workshops will include:

  • Writing & Directing
  • Acting on Camera
  • Cinematography & Lighting
  • Makeup & Prosthetics
  • Pre-production
  • Practical Audio Recording
  • Editing Techniques
  • Making Music Videos

The Indie Memphis Youth Film Fest will bring in artists from all over the country, showcasing films created by students in grades seven to 12 or recent high school graduates, with all directing, editing, writing and camera work done by youth fitting those age requirements. Films are typically limited to a 10-minute runtime.

Local Memphis creatives can submit their works for free, while those from outside the metro area can do so for a fee. Films may be shot with any type of equipment, including iPhones, iPads and GoPro cameras. All submissions will be competing for top festival honors, as well as cash prizes.

The Indie Memphis Youth Film Fest is produced by the same group that has been behind the Indie Memphis Film Festival for more than two decades. In addition to running the youth festival, Indie Memphis also engages local Memphis youth creatives through mentorship programs and workshops throughout the year.

As the Indie Memphis Youth Film Fest approaches, keep an eye on Choose901 for information about screenings and tickets.

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