Inspirational Stories That Remind Us That There’s Still a Lot of Good in the World

In times of hardship battling the pandemic and fighting for justice for George Floyd, the world feels really heavy. Amidst the chaos, I’d like to bring to light stories of people doing good and having each other’s backs. From interviewing these small town heroes, I hope you find optimism and hope in their words. Here are reminders that there […]


Breathing While Black: MonoNeon on His Newest Music

But while the five-string bass wunderkind, who played with Prince in his final years, is more widely known as a member of Ghost-Note or for YouTube jams interpolating bass notes over dialogue by an “angry grandpa” or Cardi B, he has touched on politics before — as early as 2016’s “Ain’t Nothing United About America.” […]


Everyday Conversation: Unapologetic’s “What You Doin, Nothin?”

More than a month ago, local hip-hop record label Unapologetic introduced a series of comical skits and interviews called “What You Doin, Nothin?” on YouTube and on its Unapologetic World app. In the series, hosts A Weirdo From Memphis (AWFM) and Cameron Bethany cover a range of topics with special guests.


How to Support the Black Community in Memphis Right Now

None of the music, food, and culture that Memphis is so renowned for would exist if it weren’t for the Black community that gave rise to it. And right now, in the wake the events surrounding the peaceful protests sparked by the murder of George Floyd, that community needs the support of all of Memphis.



Hip-hop artist and activist Yo Gotti talks to Linsey Davis about social justice, prison reform and the use of the term.