Next Century Memphians


Katie McIntyre

Memphis has had a huge impact on the way the world sings and dances – and dance and sing we do. Local dance teacher and musician Katie McIntyre has been practicing her craft since she was just 2 years old. Being put into dance classes from the time she could walk, her artistic career has […]


Jonathan Mosley

Meet Memphian Jonathan Mosley!  They say Memphis is the perfect mix of business and pleasure.  On Beale Street, we see the flashing neon of nightlife.  Ten feet away from Beale, office buildings and apartments dominate the high rises.  Everywhere you go downtown, you see a little bit of party […]


Corie Len Walker

“This city breeds hustlers.” Anyone who has lived in Memphis can see this. We see people working their butts off to give their families a good life, people taking risks to reach their dreams, people getting off work and waiting for their time to shine. A person with hustle in their soul is […]


Chad Barton

The fact that we all walk around with video recording devices in our pockets makes us forget that filmmaking is and always will be an art form. Yeah, we can all take videos of what’s going on around us, but it takes a true artist to come up with story lines, soundtracks, and everything else […]


Carin Malone

Local poet and spoken word performer Carin Malone has been inspiring Memphians and people all over the world with her talents since 2011. Dubbed the Memphis Poetry Slam Master and the 44th Lady Poet in the world after representing Memphis in the 2018 Women of the World Poetry Slam competition, […]


Brandon Lewis

Memphis native Brandon Lewis found his passion for music at a young age.  Starting as a freelance songwriter, he dove hard into his music career.  Dynamic, driven, and soulful, his music connects with the listener on an emotional level.  Indie music may not be what Memphis is known for, but […]


Ashley Foster

We are all survivors of something, whether it’s a death in the family or health issues, and many of us let our pasts overpower our futures. But Ashley Foster is a survivor that doesn’t let her past hold her back, and she’s using her past to help and inspire people through her current job of […]



In Memphis, we know how important it is to use your voice. Standing up to oppression, singing your heart out, and telling your story are some of the ways us Memphians use our voices loudly and proudly to create change. Shaveh uses her talent of spoken word to connect with those around her. […]


Ally Wallace

Memphis’ deep roots in the music industry have inspired up and coming musicians to pour their heart into their unique sounds.  Famous artists like B.B. King and Otis Redding have paved the way for Memphians to show their talents in the hopes of walking the same path as them.  Singer-songwriter […]

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Believe it or not, but when you need to get swole in preparation for the NBA draft, and you only have six months to get there, they send you to Memphis. That’s right, to none other than Raheem aka Coach Shabazz! Case in point, Darius Bazley, a top recruit, decided to forego college and a […]


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The Unreachables: Memphis nonprofit meets its no-tech neighbors at their doorsteps

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