Have you checked out local artist Kenneth Alexander II yet?  If not, you’re missing out.  This Memphis-based artist takes surrealism to a whole new level. He calls it Novi Art.  He started his art career with a crayon at just four years old, and now he specializes in motion art and is a leader in the Memphis art community.  His passion of creating imaginary universes has helped him tell his story through physical and digital art.

Novi Art

From what we’ve gathered from his Instagram page @noviartwork , Novi Art is a form of surrealism and contemporary art that Kenneth uses to describe his unique style.  He doesn’t stick to one medium, though.  He uses combinations of collages, digital paint, and motion art to feed our imaginations.  His art work has been shown at the Brooks Museum of Art, the Pink Palace Museum, the Orange Mound Gallery, and Crosstown Concourse.

Kenneth doesn’t keep his talents to himself by any means.  He has taught students at a local elementary school to have artistic freedom, given speeches, and served as a judge for the Scholastic Art Awards. He knows that a passion for art can be found at a very young age, so seeing youth involvement and more individualism being shown in younger generations are things that drive him to master his craft.

The amount of creativity in Memphis is insanely vast, and this pushes Kenny to be better every day.  After all, “everything we do can be dope.”  Check out Kenny on Instagram to find yourself in endless worlds!

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