Memphis has had a huge impact on the way the world sings and dances – and dance and sing we do. Local dance teacher and musician Katie McIntyre has been practicing her craft since she was just 2 years old. Being put into dance classes from the time she could walk, her artistic career has flourished. At the age of 4, Katie was awarded a dance scholarship, and her mom pushed her to reach for the sky through her dancing

Dance is an art form, and using body movements to show emotion and to tell a story is something that very few are able to do. Showing her true soul through dance, Katie’s passion has only grown in recent years, and there’s experience to prove it. She:

  • Is a member of a professional tap dance company, Hot Foot Honeys
  • Is a dance teacher at Playhouse on the Square, Germantown Performing Arts Center, and Children’s Ballet Theatre
  • Is an intern with Ballet Memphis Community Programs
  • Is a dancer with the Danceversify Academy
  • Is directing her first show with Our Own Voice Theatre Troupe

Katie finds inspiration through other artists, such as Aretha Franklin. Artists who contributed to the meaning of “soul” continue to show future generations what it means to express yourself. Dance and music are coinciding aspects of art and today’s culture. Both forms of expression require years of practice and pushing boundaries. Reservation is a thing of the past, so belt it out like the Queen of Soul herself.

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