For the indie rock lover in all of us, Hash Redactor is here to satisfy your needs. The band has a very garage-rock feel to it, and while the four-person band of Has Redactor has the vibe of a band that’s been playing together for years, the group itself is truly in its infancy. In fact, the group didn’t put out a demo tape until 2017. Due to the newness of the band, every single performance has a unique vibe to it, where the group transforms and grows into its own music every time it takes the stage.

More about Has Redactor

The group helps fill the indie rock void that is sometimes left in Memphis. While the city is known as one of the most important musical city in the United States, you wouldn’t be alone to assume it’s primarily blues and soul, with a dash of country and R&B-but that doesn’t mean there aren’t other musical styles going on. Hash Redactor puts this on full display with its rock style, which is heavy on guitar (without slipping over into the category of heavy metal).

Their music is also quick moving. The musicians don’t linger on a note, as if taking in what they just played. Instead, they hit it and quit it, moving from one chord to the next in a surprisingly quick fashion. However, it doesn’t feel forced, nor does it feel sped up. Despite the speed of which many of the songs conclude (often under three minutes), every chord played and word spoken has a definite purpose.

The latest from the band

If you want to really go old school (at least in terms of the band’s music) and hear the first rendition of Hash Redactor, make sure to head over to the group’s Bandcamp page. Here you can find the demo tape the group put together to showcase its unique style and talent. It is a fun and raw album, but that’s what makes it great. The unfinished feeling to it, as if recorded in a basement, adds to its quality. It’s like turning back the clock and finding a mix tape from the Black Keys or The Ramones that they recorded before making it big.

Drecksound is the group’s first official album release. It’s still fresh off the presses (and yes, you can order a vinyl from the band’s website) as it was officially released on April 26, 2019. It’s a quick yet fun listen, as of the 12 tracks, only four are longer than three minutes (with one at 3:01 and another at 3:12).

And if you’re interested in Hash Redactor performing at your own bar or club, you can reach them through their Bandcamp website (or through their Facebook page).

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