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Photography is the perfect medium through which to bring the artistic and historical richness of Memphis to life, but contrary to popular opinion, a good photographer is not easy to come by. Photographic prowess requires a combination of experience, education and environment—along with an unquantifiable “X-factor”—and Sean Davis has all of this in spades. In fact, this local photographer, blogger and former production assistant honed his love of and talent for photography by using the city of Memphis as his inspiration.

Early life

Davis was born and raised in Memphis, and his love for photography developed (no pun intended) long before the age of digital cameras and Instagram. From an early age, Davis enjoyed taking photos of events, dogs, people and more. His interest persisted into adulthood, to the point that he would use his lunch break from his job as a production assistant to walk around with his Casio camera, taking pictures of interesting things.

Photography and more

The beauty and vibrancy of Memphis served as a muse for Davis, fueling his growth as a photographer and eventually prompting him to turn his passion into a profession.

Today, Memphis arts, education, music and travel are all part of Davis’ photography portfolio, which is both extensive and impressive. His photos blend black-and-white backdrops with colored pieces that highlight various locations around Memphis, serving as a showcase of the best that the city has to offer.

Although he is most widely known for his breathtaking works capturing the beauty that this city, its people and even its pets have to offer, Davis is more than just a photographer—he is also a blogger and entrepreneur. On his blog, he discusses topics that speak to his love for photography, scenery and travel, and also offers a free tutorial to help Memphians take into account lighting, framing and angles when taking pictures themselves.

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