Photo Credit: Lifestyle in Focus

Over the last decade, Memphis has made a name for itself as a haven for artists of all kinds. This is especially true for those who color outside the lines—including mother/daughter duo Jennie and Elizabeth, who took something they were both passionate about and found a way to share it beyond their family in the form of the lifestyle blog LifeStyleInFocus.

What is a lifestyle blog?

Blogs are typically associated with niche interests, but lifestyle blogs break the mold. Through lifestyle blogging, content creators who find it hard to confine their posts to just one topic can combine their varied interests and share these with their fans. For Jennie and Elizabeth, a passion for fashion collides with photography, travel and, of course, Memphis at large.

Distilling interests into action

Jennie’s no stranger to the fashion scene in Memphis, having started local fashion hot spot Kittie Kyle with her sisters right out of college. It wasn’t long before daughter Elizabeth was running around the shop, finding inspiration wherever she looked.

Despite Jennie’s business, it wasn’t just fashion being spoken about at the family dinner table. Thanks to her architect father, Elizabeth gained a keen eye for design and visual creation, and after a post-graduation dalliance with vocal performance, she decided photography was her true calling. Ultimately, she and Jennie found a way to distill all the things they felt strongly about into one passion project, and LifeStyleInFocus was born.

The website bears the fingerprints of both Memphis creatives all over it. Elizabeth’s eye for visual design results in some stunning shots that feature fashion handpicked by Jennie and the Bluff City as a canvas. With LifeStyleInFocus, you’ve got a truly Made by Memphis product on your hands.

Creating art

But don’t get it twisted: LifestyleInFocus is more than just shots of lovely clothes. As a lifestyle blog, it incorporates whatever the mother/daughter duo is into at the moment, although fashion is always on the periphery. Jennie and Elizabeth love to highlight Memphis, whether by breaking down their top five Valentine’s Day date spots or recommending beautiful staycation opportunities that allow you to escape reality while remaining close to Memphis.

Unsurprisingly, Jennie and Elizabeth’s shared passion for fashion and photography is ideal for the emerging medium of Instagram Stories. Using Memphis as a backdrop, the duo creates visually stunning photographs that prove a picture is worth a thousand words, while also including links for fans eager to buy what they see in the images.

With LifeStyleInFocus, Jennie and Elizabeth have conjured up a truly inspirational marriage of fashion, photography and healthy living ideas.


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