LaShonté Anderson is a daughter of Memphis. In addition to being an advocate for and staunch supporter of her home city, this beautiful young woman is a singer, a songwriter and a dancer who is currently recording her second album and planning an international tour. You may have heard her recently released first single, “Karma”—and if not, what are you waiting for?

Despite all those accolades, however, Anderson considers her most important role that of being a mother to her children and a mentor to 5,000 Tennessee youngsters who are learning to let nothing stop them from being the best versions of themselves.

“I want to use my gifts to teach and inspire the next generation of artists,” said the Midtown native. “For over a decade, I’ve taught at more than 30 Shelby County Schools while traveling the world performing. I love my city. Memphis is me and I am Memphis!”

Anderson loves art, dance… and, of course, Jookin!

Jookin for soul with Memphis’ urban ballet

/’jo?ok?n/  noun  a street dance that originated in Memphis, Tennessee.
synonyms: Gangsta Walking, G-Walk, Buckin, Tickin, Choppin

From its prime location on the Mississippi River—which is arguably the most passionate and spiritual body of water in the U.S.—Memphis gave rise to what would become the official dance of the local underground music scene in the 1980s. Jookin is a one-two step with a rhythmic bounce combined with sliding, gliding, and tippy-toe spins and stalls.

LaShonté Anderson

Given that you can see Jookin in an array of TV commercials, music videos and live performances, all signs point to Jookin dance classes becoming the next urban artistry trend—and it all started in Memphis!

Memphis isn’t just the best place for soul, it’s the best place to live soul. We live it, work it, breathe it… and when we have to leave it, we take it with us wherever we travel. With that said, there’s nowhere quite like home, so if you’ll be in these parts this fall, head on over to experience Jookin and much more at the one-of-a-kind Memphis Music & Heritage Festival in September.

LaShonté Anderson: Representing the best of Memphis

It’s not “just” her music and art that make Anderson an ambassador of Memphis. It’s her work ethic and compassion for others that represent the people, the culture and the spirit of our city. To put it simply, she is who we are, and her Memphis fans are excited to see what comes next!

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