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What makes Memphis great are the people. It’s not the landscape or the architecture (although these help). It’s the people: the creative minds and souls who come to Memphis and leave a little bit of themselves in the city. Desiree Wallace is one of those people. The multi-talented lifestyle blogger brings her inspirational way of life to everyone who’s interested in listening. And with so many outreach methods, there’s always a way to catch Desiree in one form or another.


In this modern-day age, self-care is more important than ever before. Stress comes at you, and it comes at you fast. Whether turning on the news, logging on to social media or just walking down the street, we are all constantly bombarded with information. In many ways, it’s information overload, and it can hinder our own personal development. That is why self-care is so critical. It’s also what Desiree Wallace aims at helping her followers discover.

Desiree Wallace wants to help you discover your true self, and by doing so, put forward your true personality. However, she also doesn’t sugar-coat it. Sometimes, the most important truths are the hardest to hear, and she doesn’t pull any punches. She gives you no-nonsense, straight advice. But oftentimes, it’s this no-nonsense advice that is of critical importance and helps turn lives around. In many ways, the best way to discover yourself is to focus on your own flaws, and not on the faults of what’s around you.

Delivering Advice in Every Way Imaginable

Sometimes, you need a breath of fresh air, but it’s hard to come by. There are bloggers out there who put out great work, but there isn’t always time to stop and read the latest post. Desiree Wallace does run the Mocha Divas blog, but she also releases a podcast. This way, if you’re driving to work, sitting on the bus or even walking on the treadmill, you can take in advice from Desiree Wallace at any time.

The multi-talented lifestyle blogger is also a published author. She wrote the book “15 Days of Self-Care.” The book is a great way to discover yourself and to discover new ways to look at and improve yourself. She also runs a book club, in which new books are selected from all genres. From there, you can share your insights with other members of the club. Because, while self-care does rely on you, it is helpful to know there are others in the same boat.

This Memphis Resident Is Looking to Make the World a Better Place

Oftentimes, it’s all about baby steps. But as long as you’re moving forward, you’re not moving backward. Desiree Wallace and the Mocha Divas are looking to help with this.

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