Living in Memphis, you already know about the restaurant melting pot scene throughout the city. But chances are, it’s even more vibrant than you realize. Cara Greenstein is a world-class food blogger who writes about not only her own recipes and entertaining events, but about restaurants around the city. Even if you’ve never visited her website, her blog posts have been shared and circulated throughout the city and in national publications. As food lovers, we can all learn from the culinary insights Cara Greenstein offers up in every single post.

More About Cara Greenstein

As foodies ourselves, we love following Cara Greenstein’s culinary adventures. But what inspired her to do what she does today? In her own words, she fell in love with cooking at the age of 12, when she saved up babysitting earnings and bat mitzvah gift certificates and splurged on a pastel yellow Kitchen Aid Mixer. From that moment on, she was hooked.

The passion for cooking continued (as did her sweet tooth), as she expanded her palate and her knowledge for culinary arts. This eventually culminated in her book “Caramelized,” which has since become an award-winning brand where she shares her thoughts on both the local food industry in Memphis and in the destinations her travels take her to.

Follow Cara Greenstein’s Behind the Scenes Experience

You can read up on Cara Greenstein’s latest culinary adventures at her blog. However, one of our personal favorite ways to stay on top of her latest activities is through her Instagram account. Here you’ll find everything from delicious-looking meals and sweet treats, all the way to pictures inside her personal life (including several of her pup who we adore).

So whether you’re looking for restaurant recommendations or just some ideas for how you can put on your own entertaining event (both large and small), Cara is the local blogger you need to follow.

Uncovering Memphis One Post at a Time

Memphis always has something new to share. Whether it’s from a corner of town you’re not always around or a brand new restaurant, you’ll discover the city is full of vibrancy you won’t find anywhere else. And for those days where you can’t get out to discover these new locations, you’ll always have Cara’s blog at your disposal.

Come Discover a New Culinary Experience

Cara Greenstein’s passion is to share her love of food with the world. As a Memphis resident, she’s in love with more than just the city. She’s in love with the unique culinary experience Memphis has to offer. No other city in the country has the same variety and merging of styles like what you’ll discover right here. So whether you’ve called Memphis home your entire life or you’re just beginning to set down roots here, Cara Greenstein has a few suggestions for where your next dining out experience should begin.

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