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Memphis is an environment full of strong, positive vibrations—and lots of soul. Wherever you go in Memphis, you can be inspired and touched by creativity all around you, including music, art, incredible food and rich culture. Many people who grew up in Memphis have learned how to turn their passions into careers that feed their Memphis soul and simultaneously give back to the communities they grew up in. Being from Memphis is not a prerequisite for exemplifying Memphis soul, however. There are many creatives who come from other cities, states, and countries to settle in Memphis and live out their dreams.

Angie & Ike Photography is a perfect example of a local Memphis business who feeds the economic, artistic and creative growth of the community. The company is owned by photographers Isaac and Angela Singleton, a detail-oriented married couple who make up the perfect dynamic business duo. The pair most often shoots weddings, but their combined professional experience of more than 15 years gives them the ability to immortalize any scenario on film with ease.

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What makes this fun-loving and zesty photography couple different from others is their ability to encapsulate the most intricate and memorable details in a picture. Having that extra special photographer’s eye helps the pair capture a moment on camera and freeze it in time. When clients look back on pictures shot by Angie & Ike, they tend to experience a feeling of nostalgia, plenty of smiles and sometimes even tears. Delivering magnificence and happiness through clicks of their camera shutter. Angie & Ike pride themselves on customer satisfaction, from the actual photo shoot to the delivery of the final edited photo package.

From weddings and graduations to family photo sessions (and everything in between), the pair gives their best to each client. New York-raised Angie is all about the little details and natural moments that often go unnoticed. As a professional cameraman, Memphis-raised Ike is all about the right angles, lighting and backgrounds. Working in perfect harmony, the duo brings photography to life in a way that is modern, professional and exquisite in detail. We celebrate their union in love, their business, their dedication and hard work, and their keen knack for taking the perfect picture. Angie and Ike are Memphis soul.

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