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Memphis Magnetic Recording Co. is a new world class, purpose built, vintage studio, which has a primary focus on analog recording. The main tracking room is large and sounds great in any configuration and mixes from the control room translate. The room acoustics, along with the historic collection of vintage analog equipment mixed with available modern DAW systems create a reliable well thought out professional workflow and add up to an amazing recording experience as well as the highest quality sound for any album.

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Memphis Magnetic Recording Co. Specifications

The live room is large (31’x 36’), enough room to track a big band (or spread out a small band). The control room can seat at least 10 people comfortably. The custom acoustics throughout the facility were made by celebrated English studio designer, Bob Suffolk. There is a large iso booth. The lobby and lounge, are wire for potential overdubs/islolation. The facility has a shower. and is located close to downtown.

Recent Memphis Magnetic Recording Co. Artists

Since opening in Feb 2019, artists such as the following have all started or completed records at Memphis Magnetic:

  • JD McPherson
  • Morgan James
  • Luke Winslow-King
  • Nick Waterhouse
  • Dominic Davis (from Jack White's band)
  • Soul Coughing’s Mike Doughty
  • Irish roots fave Brian Deady
  • Latin Grammy nominated Making Movies
  • English producer Paul Butler (from the the Bees)
  • Canadian Juno award winner Joel Plaskett and local Memphis stalwarts such as Doug Easley
  • Dave Shouse
  • The Love Light Orchestra

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