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MLK50 was only a few days ago, but Memphis’ hope for the future of its community is stronger and fresher than ever. The National Civil Rights Museum challenged the city, asking us all “Where do we go from here?” Following this anniversary, Memphis is going to honor Dr. King’s legacy by making strides towards building a better community for everyone.

One of the ways that Memphis plans on implementing positive change is with the Year to Volunteer effort led by Volunteer Odyssey as part of the #BringYourSoul movement. Year To Volunteer will continue the commemoration of Dr. King and his legacy with a yearlong initiative to mobilize a culture of volunteerism in Memphis. The goal is to engage 10,000 volunteers across the community, generate 85,000 hours of service, and create over $2 million in economic impact by Memphis’ bicentennial in 2019. And now we are challenging you to embody the legacy of Dr. King for the next 365 days and beyond.

The Volunteer Odyssey website will have new service opportunities listed on the 15th of every month, and you can track your volunteer hours through their site. As the numbers rise, their impact tracking system will allow Memphians to see the impact they’re having on this city. Volunteer Odyssey has also created new service days for the city to get involved; on October 19th there will be a day of service for corporations and on October 20th a day of service for individuals and families.

Memphis is revved up for the coming year and we are ready to do even more to make a positive change in our community. We’ve already been named the “Most Charitable City in the Country,” by The Chronicle of Philanthropy magazine in Washington D.C., but we can do even more than that. Dr. King came to our city with a message and a vision of how Memphis could be. Now is the time to make that dream a reality. Inside all of us is the ability to make a positive change in our community, to give the best of yourself to change the world around you. It’s time to bring that energy to the forefront, Memphis. It’s time to #BringYourSoul.

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