Memphis has so much to offer new graduates. See if your job made our list.

If you just entered the job market or are getting ready to make your debut as a young professional, you know how intimidating the idea of seeking jobs after graduation can feel. It may seem like a daunting task, but if you know where to look and what to look for, your job search will go much more smoothly.

One of the hottest landing spots for recent graduates is Memphis. This unique, soulful city has become a hub of innovation and growth for a wide range of companies that do business on both a national and worldwide scale.

Business Insider recently published its list of 2017’s highest-paying entry-level jobs, which included a number of positions analogous to employers in Memphis. Salary data was computed by sifting through job profiles and postings with LinkedIn’s salary tool.

Operations engineer

The world hub of FedEx’s global operations calls Memphis home and employs a wide range of local engineers. Operations engineers focus on solving problems using scientific methods, and as you would assume, they are a major part of FedEx’s largely logistical operation.

Much of FedEx’s tactical planning and engineering is carried out by operational engineers who are dedicated to planning, organizing and controlling the company’s global services in the most efficient and effective way possible. Fiscal year and long-range planning are also handled by these engineers.

Insight and Aramark are two other major employers in the Memphis market that utilize the services of operations engineers, with the latter leveraging engineers to develop and deploy its facilities management program.

Data scientist

What’s inside a number can help businesses run more efficiently and effectively. Collecting, analyzing, curating and integrating this information is the job of a data scientist.

Although healthcare may not be the first industry that comes to mind in connection with data scientists, the Memphis-based St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital utilizes data science to mine and model data for drug screening experiments, lead development and drug repurposing projects. Ultimately, data scientists at St. Jude work with chemical and biological data to drive research forward.

ServiceMaster is another major Memphis employer that utilizes data scientists in creating a roadmap for the company’s future and developing ServiceMaster’s unique vision.

Investment banking analyst

Positions in investment banking took the top spot on Business Insider‘s list. Analysts in this field cull and analyze financial data to better monitor investment portfolios for individuals and businesses, making an average of $105,000 at the entry level.

One of the top landing spots for investment banking analysts in Memphis is Duncan-Williams. Tracing its history back to regional municipal bond firms, Duncan-Williams has grown into one of the largest female-owned investment banking firms in the nation. Despite its size, it has remained focused on operating with a small-business culture, making it popular with recent graduates.

Memphis has become a national destination for both employers and those seeking jobs after graduation. Located in a right-to-work state with a relatively low cost of living, Memphis offers numerous workforce advantages that will continue to lead growth across the board for years to come.

Look at Business Insider’s complete list here, while more information about Memphis and its target industries can be found here.

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