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5 Ways to Find an Internship in Memphis

Securing a Memphis internship is a surefire way to jumpstart your career. Memphis is the perfect location to gain experience with numerous national corporations headquartered in the city. An easy way to find internships in Memphis is to reach out to major businesses across the area to see what opportunities are available. The following is how to find an internship in Memphis and advance your career.

1. Healthcare Internships

Memphis has a number of major hospitals, including nationally ranked medical centers. For instance, St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital has ALSAC internships at their national Memphis headquarters. Internships are available in the fields of technology, finance, fundraising, marketing and more. Internships are paid opportunities with a 20-hour weekly commitment. All internships start at the top of each college semester.

2. City of Memphis Internships

The Greater Memphis Chamber is another possible site of internships in the city. The city has multiple programs with internships for both youth and college students. One of the programs is MPLOY, an initiative created to provide meaningful summer work experience for students between the ages of 14 and 22.

Urban Fellows is also sponsored by the Greater Memphis Children and created specifically for college students and recent university graduates. This is a paid internship with students assigned community projects designed to benefit city residents. Interns are expected to work 10 to 28 hours with projects lasting through each college semester.

3. College Advertised Internships

Most Memphis colleges arrange internship programs for students. Internships are set up off-campus with local businesses. College internships are typically related to the student’s specific major.

Colleges in Memphis like Southwest Tennessee Community College will often advertise open internships on their websites and detail the qualifications needed for the position. Many colleges prefer to advertise internships that include a salary to students.

Part-time hours are typically for internships in the fall and spring while summer internships may offer full-time hours.

4. Non-Profit Internship Opportunities

Memphis non-profit organizations are always in need of interns. Internships at non-profits can usually be customized to help the student reach his or her career goals. For instance, Shelby Farms Park is a non-profit in Memphis offering internships tailored to those who potentially want to secure careers in the non-profit sector.

Time commitment ranges from 15 hours to 40 hours per week. Non-profit internships are frequently unpaid positions, but if the organization offers a fellowship, there may be a stipend included.

5. Memphis Job Boards

Job boards are an underused resource for internship openings in Memphis. Although many private companies post traditional jobs on these boards, internships are frequently advertised too. Internship seekers should check out online resources like Choose 901 to find local openings.

6. Job Fairs

Get out. Maximize your time and effort. Make an impression. That’s job fairs in a nutshell. If you’re focusing all your efforts online, you’re missing out on the chance to build relationships, grow your network, and quite possibly, fast-track your career.

Companies participate in job fairs to maximize their recruiting efforts and minimize the amount of money they spend on advertising open job positions. Job fairs are also a great way to zero in on top candidates in person, rather than wading through resume after resume. While some employers attend job fairs simply to spread the word, many are there hoping to cut to the chase and hire new employees right away. 

A job fair might be exactly what you need to jumpstart your search—or re-energize it. To save time, find out which employers are attending. Armed with this information, you can strategically visit recruiter booths and prioritize your efforts even more. By attending the job fair, you can also learn about career paths that you may never otherwise have considered.

Once at the job fair, here’s how you seal the deal and get the internship you want: 

  • Come prepared. Bring lots of copies of your resume. Research openings on your school’s career fair page. Learn as much as you can about your potential employer. Study the job description. Dress well. Prep an elevator speech to cover all the bases fast.
  • Plan to spend some time there. Arriving early makes a good impression. Staying late gives more time with hiring managers after everybody else goes home.
  • Start with your alternates. That lets you hone your pitch with lesser internships. Move on to your favorites after you feel confident.
  • Always show interest. Do more listening than talking to make the best impression. Answer questions, but don’t drone on about yourself.
  • Visit job fairs at other schools. If even one lets you in, you’ll double your odds to find an internship.

Here’s a list of upcoming Memphis Job Fairs to get you started: 

7. Networking

It’s not what you know, it’s who you know. #WordOfMouth

Most job positions are not advertised and are a networking goldmine for those looking to the crucial stepping-stone to a fulfilling career. Many people think networking only involves following companies you’d love to work for, connecting with friends and coworkers on Linkedin, or calling family friends. While these steps have enabled individuals to connect, there’s no denying the magic of face-to-face communication. After all, many business deals aren’t made at the office—they’re often made with an easy-going chat, sometimes over dinner, at the bar, or even over a cup of coffee. 

Still on the fence? Here are the key benefits of bulking up on in-person business networking events:

  1. Build relationships: The best part about networking events is that like-minded individuals are all together in an informal environment. The events allow you to get to know people easier in comparison to an interview, and are imperative in both the initial relationship building and maintenance stages.
  2. Get exposed to new ideas: If you treat the event as a learning opportunity, you’ll keep growing—and always have new ideas to impress your next potential boss with.
  3. Connect with key influencers: It is not every day that you have an opportunity to leaders in your field. If you were to walk past them in the street you probably wouldn’t stop them, however, networking events provide the environment to approach these people, say hi, and have a discussion. In fact, that’s exactly why they’re there.
  4. Keep yourself motivated: We tend to be our own worst critics, and in business, that means being your own worst enemy. If you need to build your confidence and shut out the negative voices, a networking event is a perfect place to start. 

To learn more and find your next networking event, visit Network After Work for upcoming Memphis Networking Events.

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