How to Find a Job in Memphis

Whether you recently moved to Memphis or you’ve called the city home your entire life, it is important to have reliable work at your disposal. However, if you’re out of work, you may wonder where to turn during your job search. While hitting the pavement and walking around town may help you come across entry-level jobs at restaurants and boutiques, if you’re looking for an upper-level job, there are better ways to use your time. So when looking for work, here are a few ways to find a job in Memphis.

Brush Up That Resume

Now is the perfect time to update and touch up your resume. However, don’t have just one. There will be different positions for which you’ll want to highlight different skills. If you’re hitting the streets to hand out resumes at restaurants or clothing stores, have resumes on hand that are tailored to those jobs and highlight the skills and previous work experience you have in the specific industry.

If possible, have someone else read through your resume. They can point out mistakes and help you polish it.

Look for Openings

If you have a specific company you want to work for, head over to the company website and look for the Careers page, then check to see if there is an available opening. If you don’t find this information on the site, email the company directly to ask.

Next, you’ll want to check websites like LinkedIn and Monster, two of the largest job posting websites anywhere. You may also want to check The Commercial Appeal newspaper website to see what kinds of jobs are listed there as well.

Submit But Don’t Wait

Most jobs require submitting an application and resume online. However, after submitting, don’t just sit and wait. Continue looking. It may take some companies weeks, if not months, before they get around to filling a particular position. You probably don’t have that kind of time, so keep looking and applying.


When a Memphis business calls and wants to bring you in for an interview, make sure to research the business. You need a strong understanding of what the business does, its history and what kind of products or services it offers. This way, during the interview process, you can ask questions. There will be a time during the interview when the human resources representative will ask if you have any questions. By asking well-thought-out questions regarding the company, you will demonstrate your knowledge and willingness to go the extra mile.

Finding the Right Job

These are just a handful of the ways you can go about looking for work in Memphis. Oftentimes, looking for work feels like a full-time job. So don’t get discouraged if you don’t get a quick response after submitting one application. Stick with it and keep looking. With a growing population and businesses coming in every week, you’ll find a job that fits your skill set perfectly.

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