Represent Your Memphis Community by Becoming a U.S. Census Worker

Do a great thing for your community and get paid! Help your community get more funding by becoming a temporary U.S. Census worker.

The U.S. Census Bureau is hiring thousands of workers for four different positions for the 2020 Census. According to the Memphis Area Census Office, the U.S. Census is currently hiring Memphis residents for clerk and supervisor roles.

The census is important because “the results are used to determine your representation in Congress, and they help inform how billions of dollars are distributed for hospitals, schools, roads, and more.”


According to, “clerks are needed in or near area census offices to perform administrative and clerical tasks in support of various functions, including payroll, personnel, recruiting, and field operations. Clerks will use computers or other electronic devices (such as smartphones and tablets) issued by the Census Bureau to conduct their work.”


The bureau is also currently looking for Field Supervisors who will, “supervise census takers, monitor their progress and performance, and ensure that the quality of work is maintained and that work is completed on time. Census field supervisors will use electronic devices issued by the Census Bureau to conduct their work.” The bureau is also looking for Office Operations Supervisors “in or near area census offices to assist in the management of office functions and day-to-day activities required to support field operations. The person in this position supervises clerks, oversees office operations, develops work schedules, oversees assignment preparation and tracking, conducts quality checks, does data entry, and oversees shipment activities.”

Census Takers

According to the Memphis office, applications for Census Takers will be considered starting January 17. Census Takers “will interview household residents and update address lists.” The addresses are verified via maps and address lists. After information is confirmed, Census Takers may call and/or personally visit homes of residents who have not yet completed the census. 

Pay for all of the positions range between $20 to $22 per hour.

How to Apply

In order to qualify for the roles, you must fill out the online application. You will need your social security number, physical and mailing addresses, email address, phone number, and date and place of birth. You will answer some basic assessment questions and then your application will be considered for all available positions in the area. In order to be considered for supervisory roles, you must complete a separate assessment for supervisors. The assessments should take about 10 minutes to complete.

All applicants must also take an English Proficiency Test. If you choose to take the assessment questions in Spanish, the system will also prompt you to take the English Proficiency Test to determine whether you can read, write, or speak in English.

Next Steps

Once you’ve applied, you may be called for an interview. If you are selected for a job, you will be notified about two months ahead of the paid training by email. As part of the process, applicants will also be required to undergo a background check. 

You can apply or check your status here. To learn more about employment opportunities in Memphis, check out our Jobs page here.

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