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Business Spotlight – Schedule a Stop at Central Station Hotel

We like to say that Memphis exists at the intersection of cultures – a kind of metaphorical train station in which people of different backgrounds, ideologies, dreams, and mindsets intersect with one another.

The Central Station Hotel embodies that intersection like almost no other place in Memphis. A 100-year-old historic building, it was a bustling station at the height of passenger train travel, and remains an active train station to this day. Like the city itself, it has adapted to changing times and trends. In the 90’s, a $20 million investment helped transform the iconic space into a 123-room luxury experience that captures the Memphis spirit like no other hotel.

Situated in the South Arts District – a short walk from the National Civil Rights Museum, and other notable spots like Central BBQ and Wiseacre Brewing – Central Station is beloved by locals and visitors alike as a gateway to downtown Memphis. But the very thing that sets it apart is what you’ll find inside – a unique industrial theme that plays out through every corner of the hotel. One of Memphis’ most important exports – music – flows into each guest room with the turn of a knob, courtesy of a fresh-daily playlist of Memphis-inspired music.

An illuminated neon sign that hangs at the Central Station Hotel

Perhaps the most noteworthy stop on your Central Station stay is Eight & Sand, a popular listening lounge and bar. From a 500-strong vinyl collection to a one-of-a-kind cocktail menu, every aspect of the bar and lounge area has been crafted for a uniquely memorable evening. Equipped with EgglestonWorks Viginti loudspeakers lovingly produced right here in Memphis, you can literally hear the difference the moment you step through the door. It’s a spacious, luxurious setting that’s perfect for both music aficionados and cocktail connoisseurs. In a city that’s packed with great places to grab a drink, Eight & Sand stands out, both for its musical and mixology flavors.

But the Central Station Hotel’s local appeal doesn’t end there. Just head over to Beale Street and peruse the inspirational assortment of music memorabilia, or take a quick walk to several of Memphis’ most important music-themed attractions, including Graceland and the Memphis Blues Hall of Fame. And, for family-friendly excursions, the Children’s Museum and Memphis Zoo are just a short ride away.

There’s truly little left to be desired while staying at the Central Station Hotel, especially given all the creative and quirky appeal of the historical South Arts district in which it presides. Whether you’re sticking close to the hotel or further exploring one of the most unique neighborhoods in Memphis, there are countless options for dining, cocktails, live music, and shopping – all of them brimming with local flair. The Arcade Restaurant, The Cheesecake Corner, The Gray Canary, Loflin Yard, and Gus’s World Famous Fried Chicken are all must-visits to get a true taste of both Memphis food and drink.

Ready to wet your whistle? Sample the diverse cocktail menus at Catherine & Mary’s, The Gray Canary, Old Dominick Distillery, or The Blue Monkey. Or, if shopping is more your speed, an assortment of unique retailers around Central Station provide a variety of options that are sure to please. With specialty shops like Stock & Belle, Downtown Candle Company, South Main Book Juggler, Primas Bakery & Boutique, and Walking Pants Curiosities, you’re guaranteed to experience a festive assortment of fashion, literature, housewares, and collectibles, all of which will ensure you’re walking the street in style.

Lounge at Central Station Hotel

Whether you’re a few blocks from the Central Station Hotel’s grand entrance or choose never to leave the building, Memphis music is always on the menu. Don’t miss the live entertainment at Earnestine & Hazels, and be sure to catch a show at The Orpheum, an iconic Memphis live music performance venue established in 1928. Looking for the Memphis music experience without all the walking? At Central Station Hotel, you’re covered. Remember Eight & Sand above? The bar located right inside CSH offers unique live music on a regular basis, with marquee, award-winning DJs like DJ Skratch Bastid and DJ Spinna putting on a show you’re not soon to forget.

While there is no shortage of exciting things to do in and around Central Station, if a little privacy and relaxation is your ultimate pursuit, then this landmark Memphis hotel is the only destination you’ll need. Feel free to chill out in one of the hotel’s meticulously-designed guest rooms, and revel in the early 20th century charm and luxurious amenities as you gaze upon scenic views of the rolling Mississippi River.

Intersections create change. Like the city itself, Central Station has adapted over time, preserving its signature magic while evolving alongside the world. As its name suggests, this hotel is central to all things Memphis, and lives as an ever-changing but always charming fixture in the southern city of soul.

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