Game of thrones in Memphis

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Game of Thrones wrapped on Sunday, and let’s just say “it’s so hard to say goodbye.” As a faithful watcher of the show, it’s difficult to ignore the resemblance between the realm and the city of Memphis. One of the boldest comparisons is through the shared centering of families and their houses. Memphis is a city of families who are almost one degree of separation from the next family. You can always trace folks back to where they live or were raised by asking two simple questions “What high school did you attend?” and “What’s your church home?”

Give or take a few elements in the 8-year tv series, GOT houses easily mirror some of Memphis’ communities. If Westeros had a 901 zip code, here’s where you’d find some of your favorite characters and houses:

1. House of Stark – North Memphis


Two words: Not. Today.

Have you ever met anyone from Frayser?

Is your spouse a native of Smokey City?

Maybe you’re a teacher at Douglas or Craigmont High.

One thing is for sure: people from North Memphis don’t go down without a fight and even if they lose, they don’t stay down.

You can find Arya learning to fight at Ed Rice Community Center. Sansa is a graduate of Raleigh Egypt High and now acts as the Executive Director of the Frayser Community Development Corporation. Meanwhile, Bran sits in the middle of Ridgecrest Apartments listening to Yo Gotti all day, clapping at birds.

2. House of Lannister – Central/Chickasaw Gardens


The Lannisters are the richest family in Westeros. Can you not see Cersei standing at the top level foyer with a glass of red wine overlooking that lake in the middle of the Chickasaw Gardens community? Of course you can. Central and Chickasaw Gardens hold some of the finest families and homes in the city. Just ride through on a gorgeous summer day and admire the homes (unless you’re being creepy). There’s a hidden richness (no pun intended) in these areas.

3. House of Tyrell – Cooper Young/Midtown


So Olenna Tyrell – while perched on her porch across from Peabody Elementary – is the old lady you speak to when dropping your kids off but doesn’t speak back. Her garden is perfect and she shops alone at the Farmer’s Market in the parking lot of First Congregational. Margarey is often found at Cafe Ole, but more recently hangs out at Side Street Grill after Joffrey died, in search of her next king, but Loras got there before her at 4 p.m. Tommen rides through Overton Park on one of those Bird scooters, speaking to everyone on the Crazy Noodle patio until he was brought to an untimely demise attempting backflips on the motorized machine. His memorial was held at Rainbow Lake.

4. The White Walkers – (Elmwood Cemetery)


Some of the most notable Memphians who have ever lived are buried at Elmwood Cemetery, from civil rights leaders and politicians to racist confederate war generals. If they were to ever resurrect, we do hope Arya’s training from Ed Rice will come in handy.

5. House of Frey – South Memphis


The Red Wedding was facilitated, orchestrated and executed by someone from South Memphis. Period. Stone Bridge connects the two keeps of the Frey’s ancestral seat, the Twins. The new and old bridge is a dead giveaway that the Frey’s would reside in South Memphis with the house words, “We Stand Together.” People from South Memphis are extremely territorial, and they aren’t afraid to take action against those who break their promises. Walder Frey grew up around Hamilton but sent all his children (wives) to Booker T. Washington.

6. House of Targaryen – The Suburbs


If any Memphian would have dragons in their backyard, they would be in the suburbs because of all that acreage. All Targaryen’s are graduates of Collierville High where the mascot is, coincidentally, the dragon. It explains why Daenerys was attracted to men from the inner-city. Now that we know Jon Snow is really a Targaryen and therefore, a natural at riding dragons – it would only be right that we award him an honorary degree from Collierville.

7. House of Baratheon – Hickory Hill


Remember the 2008 tornado that took our Hickory Ridge Mall? People of Hickory Hill are Storm Lords, not unfamiliar with revitalization after disasters like the tornado. Since, the mall has been revived quite a bit. Folks from Hickory Hill are resilient people. They’re stylish, but they play to win like the Ridgeway High basketball teams. They know how to party and have a good time. Just stop by Winchester Bowl or East End Skating Rink and you’ll see what we’re talking about.

Tell us if we hit the nail on the head or the dragon on the Greyjoy. What house and Memphis community do you resonate with the most?

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