It’s the end of the holiday season. Admit it, Memphians, you have some gifts that are not quite… YOU. But that’s okay. Don’t feel guilty. There is a perfect someone for that not-so-perfect gift. Read below to learn where to donate in Memphis.

Donate Clothing

If you received clothing that didn’t fit either your personality or your body, consider donating the gift to organizations helping those in need. The Memphis Union Mission accepts men’s and women’s items at its shelter at 383 Poplar Ave. The shelter is in urgent need of men’s clothing of all types, especially cold weather clothing. The men also need toiletries, twin bedding and pillows, pens, notebooks, highlighters, and bibles. Women need non-alcoholic medicines, diapers, wipes, and feminine items. Check out the organization’s list or urgent needs here.

Donate Unwanted Gift Cards

Grandma gets you a GameStop gift card every year – but you stopped gaming years ago. You can donate the cards to benefit families at a domestic violence shelter. Victims of domestic violence often have little belongings. The YMCA of Greater Memphis at 766 South Highland accepts gift cards to help get families through difficult times.

“We appreciate gift cards to Target, Walmart, Amazon, Kroger, and other stores that carry items we frequently require,” according to the organization’s site. “Gift cards allow us to purchase items as-needed, thereby easing the storage challenge.”

The organization is also in urgent need of twin sheets, pillows, and mattress covers. Go to the Shelter Wish List here.

Donate Toys

Did your sister buy your tween a toy that they’ve outgrown? Le Bonheur Children’s Hospital takes toy donations. Items can be taken to the hospital’s main entrance at 848 Adams. Staff from the Child Life department are available between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. The hospital needs toys and games for children of all ages. Check out the hospitals’ needs here.

A Special Request

Do you have that one relative who always gives you or your kids teddy bears? There is one place that is in need of those cuddly gifts. The Memphis Child Advocacy Center has a special program for children who may have come from distressed situations when they first enter the center. Each child gets the chance to choose a teddy bear from the center’s “Bear Wall.”

“When kids visit the Child Advocacy Center for the first time, it is usually because they’ve been violated by someone they trust—resulting in an undeserved sense of shame,” the organization’s website said. “On their first visit to the center, kids get to pick a cuddly new friend from our wall of bears. Your gift of a brand new teddy bear affirms their goodness. It provides them a choice they have control over. And it gives them comfort. We need medium-sized bears (14” high or more) that are brand new.”

The organization is also in need of packaged snacks and drinks, therapy supplies, and gift cards for department and office supply stores. Check out how you can help here. For more stories about Memphis culture, check out our Culture page.

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