Soul is with Jeremie Serrano

You might’ve noticed our new billboards popping up around the city. They feature real Memphians who are bringing their souls to what they love every day.

Jeremie Serrano speaks on what soul means to him: “Soul, it’s a beautiful word if you think about it, and too many it can mean a variety of different things. To me, the soul goes deeper than who we are, who we aspire to be, and where you came from. I think no matter what path you’re on that you need to bring soul and your passion to be successful with whatever endeavor you’re seeking. Soul is in every recipe that I create, in any ingredient that I add to a meal that I plan to share with my followers when I film a video or write a story to tell, and in every conversation that I have with my community–it’s everywhere! I think if you’re not feeding your soul with what it desires then you truly can’t be happy or gain that “success” you’re seeking… because when you do things without intention and passion, then it starts to show you whatever it is you’re going after really wasn’t what you wanted. “Soul is Pride” to me means that no matter what path you are on, that you’re dang proud of it and you give it your all!”

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Hey Memphis, I’m bringing my soul to the city and so can you! Proud to announce that I teamed up with @wearememphistn for this dope campaign to showcase the different faces and talent that the city has to offer. Never in a million years did I think I’d have my face up on a Billboard! But when you show your pride for yourself, your platform, your creativity, your culture, and your city… things start to happen! Soul to means so much more than just recognition or having my name out there. It means that little kids or anyone who is struggling with the things that I struggled with in life can see someone that looks like them and show them that hey it does get better. That we can make it better! I am so passionate when it comes to @lacomidadejeremie and I aim to continue to teach people to be damn proud of themselves, where they come from, where they are, and where they are going. The messages you all send me telling me that you love how open I am about me being gay, being a POC, a plant based cook, sharing my relationship, how close and accepting my family is… but all of this took time. But because of you all is the reason I keep working hard to make sure that people that look like us or have stories and lives like us WILL have a place in the world and a seat at the table. We belong and we’re here to showcase the beautiful, vibrant, and proud lives we are living. So happy to get all of your sweet messages telling me that you’ve seen my billboard in town! I’ve still yet to see it but trust me when the C19 lets me out of the house again I’m going to take a photo with it 😂 Much love to all of you! 🙌🏽✨ #wearememphis #bringyoursoul

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Like many Memphians, Jeremie is passionate about Memphis and it’s claim to soul. “Memphis is such a different city and it’s so hard to explain to folks who don’t live here. It’s a city that is so rooted in history, growing rapidly with a young-entrepreneurial spirit and is so different in each section of the city. Whether you’re in the ‘burbs, Orange Mound, or Downtown–you can feel that hustle and bustle everywhere.”

But when asked about what truly sets Memphis apart from the rest and makes this city soulful, it’s the people that come to mind for Jeremie. “You can have the prettiest downtown, good food, and anything else that makes a city, but it’s the people that make a place. Memphis is growing and becoming so diverse and just seeing everyone bring what they’re passionate about to this city, is what I think makes the city of Grit and Grind so soulful.”

We want to hear from you next. What does soul mean to you? Tell us @wearememphistn and don’t forget to #BringYourSoul!

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