5 Digital Creative Classes & Resources

During this time of living with the ‘rona, Millennials, as well as the rest of the population, have learned to adapt to a new world of social distancing, quarantine, and major changes to the way that we did basically everything. Certainly, we millennials brought life to the internet in ways never before imagined! Now, as the idea has expanded, everything from ancient history to door dash is available online! So why not take advantage of technology and engage your creativity. 

Now that it seems like we might be in this new ‘rona dimension for a bit longer, why not take advantage of the time, and chase after something a bit more abstract than you may have in a while! Here is a list of online creative learning resources we recommend!

1. Class Central – Class Central approaches the idea of Online Creative classes in a slightly different way than traditional online learning resources. Class Central offers a platform of Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) which basically are classes created by Universities and Colleges, and shared through open-source resources for you to enjoy and learn from! The best part, is that the majority of the learning is free! 

Highlighted Course: Gamification – Gamification is best described as applying videogame theory and techniques in the real world! This course aims to teach you the best ways to apply gaming mechanisms to your social life, business life, and to level up on personal goals!

2. Brit+Co invite you to join their classes and learn about ways many ways to imbue your DIY creations with professional and creative touches to make them stand out . No matter your skill level, these classes will help you understand and enjoy the process of bringing your creative vision to life, all while having a bit of fun and a laugh at the same time!

Highlighted Course: Portrait Photography Online Class – The goal of this course is to help you find our personal voice as a photographer, all while zeroing on the basics of becoming a successful portrait photographer! The class will teach a little of everything, such as the right way to find great lighting, framing your shots and posing your subject, as well as the tips and tricks of photo editing using the latest software! 

3. Skillshare Skillshare is a massive Creative Learning Resource website that urges students to “Find what Fascinates you.” Offering a huge amount of artistic courses at many different price points, Skillshare offers pay as you go specifically artistic educational resources that not only can help you connect to your inner artist, but also help you find a way to apply these skills to many areas of your life and work!

Categories of courses include:  Animation Design, Illustration, Lifestyle Photo, and Film Business Writing

Highlighted Course: Drawing as Self-Discovery: 5 Ways to Start  – Professional Artist and writer Mari Andrew takes the lead on the class that will introduce any novice or even unexperienced burgeoning artist to the fundamentals of drawing. The idea is for the student to learn more than just how to put the pen to paper, but also how to find the best way to express themselves and be open to the creative process! By the end of this class, the Mari hopes to show you the universe of techniques to bring yourself into your art, the limitless hope and experience to gain!

4. Creative Live Creative Live takes the “experience is the key to knowledge” idea and runs with it. 

This educational resource takes the innovative approach of hiring lecturers of great skill and renown to craft and present courses tailored to niche students who seek the advice of the experts. 

Creative Live’s list of over 700 instructors are some of the best and most in-demand figures in the worlds of Music, Literature, photography, business. These “master creators” bring their experience and educational sensibilities to you with a mix of lecture, coursework, and ultimately great insight into the successful methods of mastering these subjects. 

Highlighted Course: Synthesis and sound design 101  with nearly three hours of learning broken up into nine video lessons, the Synthesis and Sound Design 101 class will teach you about the entire spectrum of Professional sound design techniques ranging from analog synthesis to advanced  midi sampling and digital sound processing.

 5. Ted.comMore than just Philanthropy!

Although not your typical collection of online classes per se, The Ted foundation, famous for their inspiring and personal Ted Talks, offers online lectures pertaining to a wide variety subjects. These lectures are presented by some of the most talented, motivated, and well experienced people in the world. These immersive discussions will help Millennials capture and understand some of the more intricate and interesting parts of society and the humanities, not to mention give you a leg up in the business world! 

And of course, we can’t leave out Collier Arts Academy – Our hometown Arts Academy!

Collier Arts Academy is currently featuring free, online art classes. From drawing to martial arts, to storytime, Collier Arts is a great local resource we highly recommend. They also offer monthly classes, so please support our local art scene and check them out!

Highlighted Course: Their digital fine arts drawing classes are great for both beginner adult and child artists.

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